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Corbin Fisher - ACM2102 - Ellis Takes On Nash
After getting their testosterone up with a game of basketball, Ellis and Nash are looking for some other kind of sweaty fun.

On his end, Ellis is ready to take on Nash and his monster cock - and Nash is always looking to get his cock worshipped and drop a load. “To me, there’s no better sight than looking down at a hot guy covered in my cum.”

“So do think Ellis will fit the bill?” Nash eyes Ellis, “Oh yeah for sure, I’m going to drench him.” - and that’s what he does!

Released: 3/9/2017

Bumped and made Freeleech by ams_guy as a tribute to Kyle Dean (GayHoopla) and Nash (Corbin Fisher) who passed away recently at the age of 21

Originally posted - 34/09/2016
Thanks to the original uploader for posting
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