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William Higgins - Adam Mucha and Hugo Antonin - SOFT DUOS
Adam Mucha is introduced, gently, to some sex with a guy.  His partner is Hugo Antonin and they sit on the bed and chat.  Then Adam lays down, bare-chested, to have a big of a massage. Hugo soon removes Adam’s jeans too to leave him fully naked.  Hugo rubs Adam’s cock, coating it in oil. That cock soon gets hard and Hugo leans over to suck on it. His hot mouth works that big cock well as Adam lays back and enjoys it.  Then he lifts his legs to give access to his hot, hairy, hole. Hugo rubs that hole and fingers it too. Soon he is fingering the hole and sucking the big dick at the same time.  He then wanks Adam’s dick until it releases the hot cum. Then Hugo pulls out his own cock and wanks it until he shoots his creamy cum onto Adam’s hairy torso.

Released: 11 August, 2019
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