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The Guy Site:

Francis has a great body and face and he's not shy at all about showing it. It was a pleasure working with him. He's open and friendly and has a natural talent for posing for pictures and performing on video.

Paragon Men:

Baby, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Heaven, in this case, being the back of his father’s sedan where Francis was steaming up the windows and busting the shocks in an orgy to rival a scene from Caligula. That is, until he fell out mid-thrust and bruised a kneecap.

Francis may be one sexy, (st)ripped demigod (watch him explode in our Penthouse!), but he likes others with strong values and character and that means he won’t lie to impress you! But he will showcase his granite body – something he’s been doing for years. In fact, we’re not legally allowed to tell you how old he was when he first started putting that power pole into horny holes.

We’ve been stalking mighty Francis for years– first in NYC at Adonis Club, later in Atlanta at Swinging Richards – where we finally pinned him down for your knockout pleasure! With that sultry stare, fuzzy beard, juicy helmeted uncut cock and brawny back – he’s the one you’ve been warned about. When Francis offers hard candy to crawl into the back of daddy’s sedan, submission is mandatory.  


Also, does this guy have anymore videos besides the two? I've been looking but failed miserably. lol image
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