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MenOver30 - Andrew Blue & Angelo Marconi
Angelo is 33 years old and from Los Angeles. Angelo is smooth, ripped, sexy.  Back from the past is a local native we haven’t seen in a few years, Andrew Blue. Andrew is 25 now, looking hot as hell and we’re happy to have him. The weather down here has been a bit wet thanks to the hurricane barreling by just off our shores so we wondered what these two studs like to do when they’re stuck indoors. “Sex, sex, sex” is Andrew’s go to while Angelo loves to eat. Is he KIDDING? Moving on, we then wondered how they would compare their off screen sex lives to the sex they have onscreen. They both agree that the sex at home is about the same though not having to worry about the cameras and positions is nice and because they know who they’re being intimate with at home it’s usually a lot more passionate. Passion and chemistry are both incredible accelerants and they don’t always come together on set. Well, today we won’t have to worry about that with these two. They’ve been eyeing each other all morning …Shall we?

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