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Treasure Island Media - Suck Dick / Save the World 4
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You can't understand men unless you're a man. If you have a cock and a pair of balls swinging between your legs, you know the constant need. It begins when you're a kid and lasts until your last breath. The art of cocksucking is driven by this need. Cocksuckers are men who understand it completely and understand the importance of getting down on their knees and helping a dude out.But beyond the spurting man-seed, there's also the undeniable need that a man has to have another guy worship him, worship his cock, swallow his essence right down. Men need to worship, and men need to be worshiped. Fact of life, truth of nature.

The second half of this volume of SD/STW is made up of a series of six real incidents involving straight men. Notice I'm not putting that word--straight--in quotes. These are guys with girlfriends, with wives and kids. But for various reasons---as you'll see---they haul out their sperm-heavy manhood and let another guy service them. One is for the money, two are for the show--they love being on camera. Another, well, he's one of those straight men who loves to suck cock when he's fucked up and the hunger hits him. Don't tell the girl waiting at home.

- Paul Morris
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