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William Higgins - Peter Uman & Franta Tucny - SOFT DUOS

Str8 guy Peter Uman is checking himself out in the mirror when he is joined by Franta Tucny, another hot str8 guy. Franta reaches round and rubs Peter's groin as he kisses his neck. Peter, who in his solo shoot insisted that his ass is for one thing only, seems to enjoy the attention as Franta's hands run all over his sexy body. He turns around for Franta to kiss his chest. Then Franta opens Peter's jeans and pulls out his cock. He takes hold of that dick and starts to wank it. Then Franta takes the stiffening dick into his mouth and sucks it. That cock grows big and hard as Franta's expert mouth works on it. Peter pushes Franta's head onto the rock hard dick. His balls are tight around the base of the shaft as he enjoys the sucking. Moving to the sofa Peter lays down with Franta between his legs working on that dick. He sucks the cock as Peter's legs are in the air. Franta rubs a finger over the tight ass hole as he sucks on Peter's cock. Then a finger slips into that hot hole, as Peter moans. The hole that is only for one thing is starting to find out that it can be used for other things too as the finger fucks deeper inside. Franta continues to lick the balls and suck the cock as he fingers Peter's hole deeper still. Peter moans as he grabs his dick and wanks it while Franta keeps fingering his tight hole. The moaning gets louder as Peter's throbbing cock releases the hot cum, shooting it up his sexy body. Then Franta lays down and wanks himself until he shoots his hot cum too.

Released: 11 February, 2018
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