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C1R - Catalina - Ass Slammed
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Release Date: Jun 27, 2012 -
Ass Slammed features four full hours of cock craving man-sluts getting butt banged until they explode in ecstasy. They devour every inch of stiff throbbing dick, and get their asses pounded and holes filled." Ouch! The line "getting butt banged until they explode in ecstasy" sounds kind of painful... and a lot like my last Friday night. Ass Slammed is a collection of scenes from Catalina's titles. Which ones? We have no idea (the studio didn't say), but we do know these were filmed during the studio's 90s heydey. These guys are from Southern California, worked out, beach bronzed and hung as hell. If you're like us, you'll love the "West Coast look".

Starring: Chance Caldwell, Tanner Reeves, Donny Russo, Dane Tarson, Daryl Brock, Cory Miles, Troy Halston, Brad King, Eric Marx, Leo Masters, Zak Spears, Doug Jeffries, Kurt Stefano, Matt Sizemore, Brandon Wells, Tony Acosta, Dean Maxwell, Steve Rambo, David Thompson, Matt Gunther, Lex Baldwin, Ted Matthews, Jason Ross, Steve Masters, Scott Randsome, Luke Sabre, Adam Hart, Cole Youngblood, Anthony Ericson, Tom Farrell, Victor Mariano, Lucas Rally, Mitch Ryder, Alan Shea

Length: 3:53:46
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