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BoyFun - Foreign Affair - Jake Olsen, Max London - MP4 1080p
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Added: Aug 28th, 2018


Gorgeous BoyFun star Jake Olsen is hanging out and apparently lost when helpful local Max London finds him loitering outside his apartment. The young and sexy twink might not speak any English but no translator is needed to explain the situation when he walks into Max's bedroom and spies the dildo on the bedside table. It seems both horny young guys are on the same page, and that's only proven when their lips meet and the two start groping for the shape of hard young cock in their pants. In a matter of moments tall boy Max has Jake naked, his hard teen cock between his lips, nursing the tip of the boy's uncut dick while he crouches before him. The fit young man has an incredible body, so smooth and so toned, built from years of football. Those years of being a team player probably taught him everything he needed to know about sucking a big dick too, he's quick to show off his own oral skills when he gets Max on the bed, his big balls hanging between his legs and his long and slender shaft moist with spit and precum. Jake worships his new friend's erection with frantic adoration, greedily licking it like a lollipop, stroking the shaft, bobbing up and down on it while clear juice oozes. With both boys getting their fill of dick gobbling it's time to take it to the next level. Max straddles his new friend, easing his hole down on that incredible bulbous tip, moaning with pleasure as the boy thrusts his battering ram up into him, fucking him from beneath. Max switches sided, stroking himself and playing with his heavy nuts while he rides, the young man pumping his dick up into him over and over. For such a lean and slight young man Jake can really pack a punch with his dick, fucking his new friend hard and fast. The two take a break for just a moment, giving Max the chance to suck his friend's raw meat and taste his own ass in the process, but soon he's back to begging for that naked length inside him. Doubled up on his back Max takes a final pounding, submitting to the powerful thrusts from the boy's dick and taking them both to the edge. Jake takes up position over his friend's face, wanking his raging shaft, his massively swollen tip almost vibrating with pleasure as semen spews from his cum hole, splashing over Max's face and into his waiting mouth. Barely skipping a beat the slender young man grabs some of his buddy's goo and applies it to his own long shaft, using Jake's cum to jerk out his own splashing mess in a final act of horny passion.

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