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Robert Hill Entertainment - Calvin Cum Underwear
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Michel’s just hanging out in the backyard, waiting for the action to come to him, and does it ever! Tall, dark and handsome Victor comes along to find the beefy Michel horny, and ready to go. The two of them are both nicely muscled, and sporting some pretty impressive uncut meat.
Michel drops to his knees first, to take Victor’s thick cock in his mouth, but what he gets is a hot mouth fucking. Victor’s not happy just getting sucked off, and has to thrust the Michel’s head against his dick, forcing him to take the whole thing into the back of his throat. Michel loves it though, and clearly gets off on the dick-whipping that Victor lays against his face. We’re treated to the perfect view of Victor’s hot, muscled body and rippled six pack as Michel works his mouth over the tasty uncut dick.
The action heats up even more when Michel turns around to expose a beautiful little bubble butt, primed and ready for a fucking!
Victor’s hard ass muscles flex again and again as he pounds it in him good and hard and Michel’s just loving it as spreads his ass cheeks wide for the plowing! These guys definitely make the best of their surroundings, when Victor climbs inside an unused trailer so Michel can ride his cock. Here we get yet another awesome view of Michel trying to squeeze Victor’s thick cock inside his ass. Michel’s not leaving here without a well-fucked ass, and when Victor’s finally pulls out to spunk all over Michel’s face, you know that hungry bottom’s going to be feeling that dick in his ass for hours to come!

We first met Felix in Champions, and we’re glad to see him back. With his cute face, sexy, toned body and thick cock, it’s always a pleasure! This time, he meets up with Andre by a gorgeous little waterfall, after checking him out from a distance. Andre catches him in the act and waves him over, eager to see what the hot young guy has to offer.
Soon enough, Felix is naked, with his dick in Andre’s mouth, face-fucking him slowly, letting Andre enjoy the taste of each and every inch of his dick as he moves it in and out of his mouth. Then it’s Felix’s turn to swallow some dick, and what a treat that it’s also attached to such a nice toned body! Felix quickly bends Andre over, getting him down on all fours so the can have at that gorgeous beefy ass. Spreading it wide, Felix spits and lubes it up with his fingers and tongue, prepping Andre’s hole to take his own thick meat deep inside. Before he can get to it though, Andre’s standing up again, thrusting his dick between Felix’s sweet red lips, working the guy’s mouth up and down his hard shaft, slapping his throbbing dick all over Felix’s face.
Finally, Andre gets back on all fours, and Felix eases his dick inside that hungry hole! Felix’s gorgeous ass flexes with each quick thrust as he squats over him, then relaxes down onto his knees so he can really pound it in. Andre wants to ride him though, and climbs up on top so he can get it in nice and deep, working himself up and down the full length of Felix’s hard cock. As we’d hoped, not only is Felix good at fucking, but he’s great at taking it too! Felix soon finds himself flat on his back, legs in the air, taking Andre’s cock deep in his ass. Andre works him like a champ, thrusting up into Felix’s tight hole again and again, until Felix climbs off so he can shoot his huge creamy load all over Andre’s face!

On a white bed with a high white headboard topped by a rail, against a blue wall, Rafael Marquez (slim, brunet, neck chain, no tattoos) and Erick Kepes (baseball cap, big tattoo on left forearm, another on left shoulder) 69; Erick rims and tops Rafael; Rafael tops Erick.

On a white bed with a high black tufted headboard in a brown frame, by a white wall with a shuttered window, Felipe Marcos (green baseball cap, small tattoo on left upper arm) sucks Diego Robert (young, average build, no tattoos), including his foot; they 69; Felipe tops Diego.

Relaxing by the pool with some friends, these two guys soon find themselves alone, and ready for some action. Wendel, flirtatiously strokes Kaio’s cock through his swim trunks, and you can tell Kaio’s into it, if the growing bulge in his trunks are any indication!
Kaio pulls up his shirt to expose a gorgeous six pack, nice pecs and a sexy little nipple ring. That’s all the encouragement Wendel needs to lean in for a taste of those sexy man nipples, and of course, Kaio’s thick dark meat. Wendel takes his time, loving the feel of Kaio’s dick in his mouth, but the gentleness doesn’t last for long when Kaio gets up so he can mouth fuck the cute little twink. He plows it into Wendel’s mouth, wanting to feel it against the back of his skull!
Kaio then decides it’s time for some sweet, tasty ass, and bends the little hottie over the table and spreads his cheeks wide open. Diving in with his tongue, he makes sure to spit and lube it up good with his fingers, first one, then two, getting the tight hole good ready to take his thick cock. Wendel’s ready alright, and that hairy little hole opens nicely to take the fucking Kaio lays on him. Kaio pounds away at him, talking dirty and making sure the twink feels each thrust, until Wendel decides he wants a little ride of his own. Lowering himself carefully over the beefy guy below, Wendel works himself up and down that nice thick shaft, holding onto his balls as Kaio pounds him from below! Kaio fucks him good and hard until he’s ready to cum, and when he does, it’s a thick blob of gooey cum laid all over the hungry bottom’s face!
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