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Kristen Bjorn - Male Tales (2004)
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Kristen Bjorn`s MALE TALES is about the sexual fantasies and experiences recounted by some of the world`s hottest men. Filled with enticing new faces, inventive sexual choreography and the visually stunning videography we have come to expect of this legendary director, Male Tales is the work of a master at the top of his game.

Scene 1
The First Tale: Centers around a Frenchman whose tale tells of a pair of bikers he spotted while on holiday in Latin America and what happened when he followed them into the woods. They hurtle into a siege of voracious kissing, groping, rimming, sucking, fucking and the first round of money shots. The Frenchman strolls off, only to be joined by a tall, hot guy on a motorized off-road cart. They too waste no time in connecting for an equally torrid bout of kissing, grinding, stroking, sucking, rimming and fucking.

Scene 2
This scene starts off with the 2 bikers inviting the Frenchman and his friend back to their place. Things really heat up when the two couples mix and mingle in a variety of Bjorn-tested tableaux, each of which leads to a series of potent ejaculations.

The Second Tale: Jason Kingsley and his lover (David Bathory) are on a second honeymoon on some island paradise. While Bathory dozes on the beach, a native hustler (Lucius Socrates) strolls up and cruises Kingsley, who follows him into the bushes. Bathory catches his lover in the bushes sucking the hustler`s cock and ends up joining in. The three hung studs end up back at their hotel room. This scene is packed with so much action - you may have to re-visit it many times. It also includes Kinsley shooting his load in his own mounth after serviceing himself. - Hot, hot, hot!!!

Scene 3
The Third Tale: Sergei Jordanov is a hot a Russian who reveals his innermost fantasy - "wet bodies in Lycra swimsuits" - which comes to life at a Brazilian swim bar. Jordanov meets a group of hot Brazilians and starts living out his fantasy. The scene continues in the pool, where the three tops fuck the two hot bottoms` willing holes. The fantasy continues with a lot of sucking and fucking ending in geysers of cum!

Scene 4
The Fourth Tale: Handsome Latino, David Salazar, recalls one day when he and his buddy (Victor Cowboy) were distracted from their gym workout by a passing gymnast (Shaun Willcox), whose acrobatic antics turned them on. Soon Willcox has been coaxed into sucking them off for a warm-up before they move back into the gym for a series of fuck-and-suck sessions on the various pieces of exercise equipment. Salazar remains top throughout, Willcox an all-purpose bottom, and only Cowboy shifts roles to exercise his versatility.

Scene 5
The Fifth Tale: Baby-faced Brazilian, Marcelo Lars, has a romantic session with his boyfriend super-hung Juan Jiminez, at an exclusive spa. While masseur (Chris Laruso) turns a rubdown into a meltdown on handsome, buff Pietro Roselli, who gobbles down Laruso`s long, curved cock as if it were a breadstick. By the time the masseur has produced a bottle of oil and begin to slick up both bodies, Lars and Jiminez have appeared to watch, clearly turned on by the oily flesh. The lubricious four-way that follows will send grease freaks into orbit, and before it is over, everyone has oiled up every one else and slid his way through a series of oleaginous combinations, the highlight of which is a double-penetration of Lars by Jiminez and Laruso. Talk about sliding into paradise!

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Cast: Daniel Santos, David Bathory, David Salazar, Jason Kingsley, Jed Willcox, Juan Jimenez, Julio Vidal, Lucius Socrates, Matthieu Costa, Max Gandra, Miguel Martino, Rocky de Oliveira, Sergei Jordanov, Victor Cowboy, Alberto de Souza, Romario Souza.
Director: Kristen Bjorn
Year: 2004
Studio: Kristen Bjorn Video
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