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ColbyKnox - Fun Fuck with Steve Rickz "Hattrickz" (720p)
Note: Steve is fucked with a condom; Colby and Mickey fuck each other bareback

In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, we have one more video with that sexy tatted stud Steve Rickz!!! Steve or "Hattrickz" as he is sometimes known, is obviously a big favorite here at CK. With that baby face, stud body and one of the best asses on the planet, who wouldn't love this adorable hunk of man!!! The boys are pretty comfortable right off the bat, all of them being very familiar with doing live shows. They do a little bit of oral sex in the beginning with Steve taking care of Colby Chambers while Mickey Knox worships his big juicy ass cheeks. However this video is all about some fucking!!! Mickey Knox teeing off on Steve Rickz to get us all started and eventually getting himself sandwiched in between his sexy husband and Steve beneath him while he pounds away. When it comes to live shows, the boys never put pressure on their guests to cum for the viewers. In this particular video all three boys sync up and happily blast their loads all over the place for our viewing pleasure!!!

May 25, 2019
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