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Broke Straight Boys - Jos Alvarez Dominates, Giving It Rough to Xavier Ryan
BarebackOral SexAnal Sex
After Jos Alvarez and Xavier Ryan share their views on whether it’s easier to fuck gay or straight guys for cash, they get things rolling on their own scene as Xavier moves right in for some kisses, tackling Jos to the bed!  Jos and Xavier lie side by side, kissing each other as Xavier gets hard and then goes to work on Jos, sucking his cock and making his big dick grow as he deepthroats it.  But when Xavier wants some oral he moves his prick over Jos’s mouth and they 69, each guy sucking and getting sucked as they enjoy the taste of each other’s sweet dick until they’re ready to fuck.

Xavier bends over on the bed, on all fours as Jos kneels on the bed behind him and enters his ass, slowly pushing his cock inside of Xavier and letting him get used to Jos’s long fat dick before fucking him faster and deeper.  Jos lies back and lets Xavier ride his dick, shifting his hips forward and back as he works Jos’s bareback member farther into his ass and then gets on his back to let Jos pound him some more.  As Jos pushes every inch of his manhood into Xavier’s sore ass, Xavier grabs his dick and strokes it gently but it’s Jos who gets off first, shooting his load across Xavier and then licking up Xavier’s cum as he nuts hard!
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