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Rascal C1R - No Cover
general hardcoreoralanalcondoms
director Chi Chi LaRue

Benjamin Bradley
Jan Fischer
Jeremy Hall
Lex Sabre
Luca Dicorso
Trey Casteel
Tyler Riggz

What happens when the doors are about to close at the local watering hole and there are hot and horny customers still lurking about? You can find out when you take a ride with the 4 hot customers and 3 sexy employees in Chi Chi LaRue's "No Cover". Filmed at the legendary leather club The Faultline in Los Angeles, we find a regular customer Jeremy Hall has overdid it a little bit and has passed out in the corner. The uninhibited Jan Fischer has been watching Jeremy from afar and thinks that this is his opportunity to see exactly what he's been hiding under those bulging jeans. Luca DiCorso joins Jan and the ensuing peek turns into an ass licking 3-way as they wrestle all over the club's pool table. They each get a taste of each other ass as Jan finally gets what he has been waiting for.

Next we see the masculine bartender Benjamin Bradley cleaning up his station and wiping down the bar when he hears some noises coming from the bathroom. Upon further inspection he finds a customer and total exhibitionist Trey Casteel jacking off in plain sight on the toilet. Benjamin can't resist how hotTrey looks and soon joins the nasty action in the stall. Benjamin and Trey get hot and heavy, flipping and flopping and can't keep their hands off each other until they climax all over the bathroom and each other.

Fresh off the wet and wild pool top 3-way, Jan Fischer hooks up with another customer, Lex Sabre. Lex is a compact stud with a massive sized dick that goes on for days. Jan is man enough to take every inch and does just that as Lex pounds his ass to Jan's delight. Jan finally seems to have had his fill for the night and leaves satisfied with just enough energy left so he can do it again the next night.

Benjamin leaves the bathroom to go finish cleaning up what he started so he can get out of there, when the newly hairy undercover cop Tyler Riggz shows up to introduce himself as the new cop on the beat. Benjamin sizes him up and tells him that he gets along very well with all of the boys on the beat. How well? Well enough for Benjamin to immediately get naked with Tyler and give fans the scene that they have been waiting for. Benjamin and Tyler end up sucking and fucking all night. The hot session ends when the 2 boys cover up Tyler's badge with their hot loads of cum.
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