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With today's modern society and it's many obligations, sometimes couples can become distant and fall out of sync. Bearded and tattooed D Arclyte knows this, which is why he and sex pig extraordinaire, Alex Hawk, make sure they always make time for date night. It might consist of sitting watching television and holding hands or going to the movies. Or, in this particular instance, it's all about dinner and dessert. And there's enough cock for Hawk to call his bearded daddy dinner, just as Hawk's savory hole is Arclyte's dessert! The two make out a bit and slobber on cock, but it's Arclyte's eating of Hawk's ass that will leave you drooling. It doesn't take long for daddy to slide that raw cock home, taking his sweet time as he fucks Hawk bareback. After all, sometimes you just want that dessert to last, don't you? Like taking small bites from his favorite cake, Arclyte relishes in the sensation presented before him, the delicacy that is Hawk's hungry hole. Daddy speeds up, stuffing Hawk full of succulent meat. Sadly, like dessert, all good things must come to an end. While riding Arclyte, Hawk whips out a frothy load and glazes Daddy's belly. Then Arclyte adds the proverbial cherry on top with a creamy finish that splatters everywhere.
Featuring:  Alex Hawk, D Arclyte Release Date: 02/06/2019

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