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Bel Ami - Cherries (2004) DVD9
analoralEuropeangeneral hardcorecondoms
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Adrian Kinski
Dano Sulik
Filip Olivier
Marcel Bouvier
Martin Lennox
Oliver Krist
Paolo Estefan
Pierre Delon
Sasha Kasparov
Sebastian Bonnet
Valentin Nabokov

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In early summer, cherries come into season, their succulent fruit on the verge of bursting to liberate their intoxicating juices. When young men reach legal age, their hormones rage and they have practically no inhibitions. Their supple bodies, inquisitive brains and dicks-with-a-mind-of-their-own.
Cherries features 10 ripe and ready young men making their feature video debuts after demonstrating their potential in the 101 Men series. Each one is filmed durring their very first sexual encounter with another man. Eager, versatile and adaptable, they give in to their carnal urges with joyous abandon, driven by instincts as deep-rooted as nature itself.
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