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DragonMedia - Tales From Last Summer
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DragonMedia - Tales From Last Summer
Directed by Ray Dragon
Released 2010

Seven hot men, six sizzling scenes and three hours of a whole lotta summer heat.
"Tales from Last Summer" perfectly captures those hot, sunny, lazy days at the beach when the smell of salt water, sand and hot sex are almost indistinguishable. It is also easily one of the best things Ray Dragon has ever given us.
Wiry, cute Zach Alexander gets the heavy cruise from hot daddy Arpad Miklos on the shore, and when Zach jumps up and follows Arpad, you know that they're going to trade their sunscreen for lube any minute. Arpad looks great, he just never seems to age, and his body is hard as a rock. Zach serves up some awesome cocksucking, making the big dude moan with pleasure, and then he plants his taint and ass right on Arpad's bearded face so Arpad can get a good whiff of what's going on down there. Arpad spreads Zach's cheeks and gets a good long looks at that tight little hole when the two 69. Arpad then buries his long, thick shaft inside Zach, literally having to add more lube to make it work. From there on, this fuck just makes you want to climb through the screen and join in, it's so hot. Best shot: when Zach stands up and Arpad holds on to him from behind, never missing a stroke, cramming his cock inside Zach while the two make the best sex faces you've ever seen. But then there's also a sequence where Arpad picks Zach up and holds him aloft, again never missing a stroke. It's just all too, too good, and it ends with two unbelievably hot cum-shots, appropriately. In all honesty, that scene alone is worth the price of admission, but there are five more to come (maybe this should have been a two-parter)
Next up are Colby Keller and Mike Dreyden, who hook up outside when Colby pretty unceremoniously drops his surfer jams. The two trade suckjobs, Colby inspects and eats Mike's furry butt, and then the two move to a different location to fuck. On the deck where they do it, there's a little more sun, and Mike's ass looks even more perfect skewered by Colby's hot cock. They move yet again, inside, and the fucking just keeps going strong, all the way up to their pop-shots.
Blu Kennedy's fiery red hair (and pubes) really shows up in sunlight, and he and Zach hook up in a pool before they move indoors to bed. Blu blows Zach, focusing on his exposed cockhead, and then he fucks him on the edge of the bed, his thick meat driving into Zach's hole. The fuck then turns versatile, and Zach aims his uncut cock at Blu's pink pucker. No matter who is on top or bottom, these guys are a joy to watch. Blu's cum-shot is a slowly delivered masterpiece, and the closer he gets to cumming, the tighter his muscles get; you can tell it was one intense orgasm.
Blu and Mike show up for a three-way, which is next, and which matches the studs with Manuel Torres. This is, yet again, a very entertaining scene, mostly thanks to the fire of the trio performing it. Mike is a power bottom throughout, sucking his co-stars in tandem and then getting fucked by them in turn, too. His ass and mouth rarely are empty as the scene progresses, and in the end, he's covered in three heavy loads of cum.
Jake Steel and Zach hook up next, and Zach very deliberately swallows Jake's big dick in and around a hot tub. Later, Zach bends over and Jake rims him, but it is big Jake who gets fucked first, bending over for Zach's long, uncut rod. Then, in exactly the same position and way, Jake fucks Zach until Zach cums a rocket shot over the rail of the deck. Jake decides to give Zach his load, aiming it up at Zach's tight, furry abs. Zach sucks off the last drops as Jake watches.
The finale, another three-way, is riveting. In it, Jake and Colby kiss in a living room setting, and then both drop their trunks and suck dick. Colby holds Jake's asscheeks wide apart and tongues his hole, and he is joined in the act by Manuel, the two studs pressing their tongues together and rimming Jake simultaneously. Both studs also fuck Jake, taking turns with his ass, and there isn't a moment when Jake doesn't have a full love tunnel. This is a bottoming performance to remember, and near the end, Jake sits on Colby and cranks out a major load.

Arpad Miklos
Blu Kennedy
Colby Keller
Jake Steel
Manuel Torres
Mike Dreyden
Zach Alexander
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