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MormonBoyz - Elder Clarke - Missionary Threesome (with Elder Jones & Elder Hansen)
While Elders Clarke and Jones have become very good friends, spending quite a bit of time with one another and even finishingone another’s sentences, poor Elder Hansen has been struggling with homesickness and loneliness. He’s even thought about quitting his mission and going home.

But Clarke and Jones know something that Elder Hansen doesn’t. The two missionaries have been introduced to the secret, erotic rituals practiced by The Order, a secret society made up of the very same respected church leaders who preside over their mission! They have both been interrogated, inspected, masturbated and even anally penetrated and filled with cum as part of their introduction to The Order.

The boys have fooled around with Elder Hansen, which has been delicious, but they know that he will love the taste of an older man’s cock as much they do.

As much as they love each other, and as thrilling as it is to play with one another’s lean young bodies, hard cocks, and tight holes, it doesn’t quite compare to feeling a man’s breath on your face and hearing his husky voice in your ear, to feeling his strong but gentle touch on your most intimate and sensitive parts, or smelling and tasting the sex leaking from the end of his hard rod.

They have to convince Elder Hansen to stay long enough for him to taste these adult pleasures for himself.
After Elder Hansen announces his intention to quit and go home, the two missionaries sneak up on him in the shower. Just looking at his cute little body, soaking wet and vulnerable, and seeing his boner, gets both boys hard.

Elder Hansen makes a show of being annoyed, but he can’t resist their caresses and kisses for long. Soon their hands and mouths are searching and discovering one another. Hansen’s hole tightens with arousal, and he decides he’s not leaving the shower until he’s had both of their dicks inside of him.
But little does he know the big boy pleasures that wait for him once the men of The Order choose to pounce…

Released: 26 October, 2018
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