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Sean Cody 1533 Rich & Miles (1080p)
Rich & Miles: Bareback - Published December 31, 2012

I always love it when the chemistry between two guys just ignites!
It was obvious from the look on Rich's face the moment they met that he really, really liked Miles.
They were sitting together and Rich kind of inched his way over and rested his head on Miles' chest.
''You know he has a whopper,'' I said to Rich.
''Really?'' he said, lighting up. ''Fuck I can't wait.''
Miles laughed. ''I'm just excited to be here,'' he said.
''Me... I'm just cheerful I'm with a cute guy,'' Rich said, nuzzling into Miles a little more.
These two were all over each other... on camera and off. We would take breaks and they would be in the other room blowing and fucking each other. During lunch they were rubbing each other's legs!
''I'm totally digging him,'' Rich told us. ''As you guys can probably tell!''

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