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Club Dungeon - Trick Fisting
Trick Fisting

Year: 2019

Studio: Club Inferno

Actors: Brian Bonds, Tony Orlando, Drew Dixon, Alex Killian, Sherman Maus

Tricks come in all forms, from street sluts to money-grubbing strippers, but they take on a new level of extreme when they’re ‘Trick Fisting’. Intense fetish director Tom Moore showcases five tricks who are willing to get their sloppy holes busted, as long as you've got the cash. Affordable slut, Tony Orlando, will do anything for a buck! When Brian Bonds comes knocking on Tony's cardboard box, Tony offers up his holes for Brian’s cock and fist in exchange for some cash. After getting his hole blown out, Tony flips the script on Brian and annihilates his hole in return. Stripper Drew Dixon meets customer Alex Killian in the bathroom after his show where Alex slips Drew some money to take his fist. Drew bends over and takes Alex's fist wrist deep until he blows his load everywhere. “Your turn,” Drew whispers to Alex as Alex bends over to get his ass blown out. Alex loves the reaming and drops his load before Drew shoves the money back in Alex's asshole saying, “Who's the fucking whore now?” Another client stands up Sherman Maus and Drew Dixon, so they decide to have their own fun. Drew lies back as Sherman alternates fists into his big sloppy hole. After getting stretched to the limits, Drew's big cock oozes cum and Sherman laps it up with his hungry mouth. The studs switch it up and Sherman lies back to take a double fisting from Drew's bulging fists. Sit back and let these whores put on a show with big hands and bigger holes for all the 'Trick Fisting' you can handle.
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