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Maximus Movies Men Of The Tropics
Maximus Studios and director Paolo Desantos invite you on an erotic tour of the Brazilian coastline, where gorgeous Men of the Tropics demonstrate the liberal sexuality that Brazil is famous for amidst lush tropical forests, remote waterfalls, and on private beaches and yachts. This big-budget movie offers production values as stunning as the beauty of its athletically built men.

Cast: Mateus Andrade, Emerson Darien, Andre Santos, Sandro Bullock, Tiago De Castro, Anthony Guimemez

1. André Santos OrAtRg, Emanuel Blay OgAbRr
On a sandy ocean beach, against a big boulder, Emanuel Blay (shaggy hair, silver medallion on a string, red, black, and white briefs) sucks Andre Santos (close cut hair, blue and black briefs, circular tattoo on back); Andre rims and tops Emanuel from behind on a red cloth; Emanuel sits on Andre; Andre tops sideways.

2. Renzo Araujo OrAt, Alexandre Senna OgAb
On the water, on a floating wooden dock with a high railing, Alexandre Senna (brown, muscles, hoop earring, light blue bermudas, black briefs, tattoos on both biceps) sucks Renzo Araujo (black, bigger muscles, dark blue and white bermudas, white briefs); Alexandre sits on Renzo; Renzo tops sideways and from behind.

3.1. Sandro Bullock OgAb, Anthony Guimemez OrAt
On a wide brown wood stairway, uncarpeted, with high balustrades, Sandro Bullock (black dog collar and harness) sucks Anthony Guimemez (black leather cap, black left wrist band, tattoo inside right forearm); Sandro sits on Anthony; Anthony tops in missionary position.

3.2. X-Marcks OgAb, Rick Masone OrAt
On a rocky sand beach, with palms in the distance,  X-Marcks (short black hair, tattoo on left groin, short neck chain) sucks Rick Masone (hair dyed red, big face tattoo on right side, long white necklace); Rick tops X-Marcks in missionary position.

4. Kawan Silveira OgrAbt, Emerson Darien OgrAb, Marciano (br) OrAt
Outdoors, by a green pool surrounded by a low stone wall with pots of plants at intervals, with a large house on a slope in the background, on a slat  bench draped with an orange cloth next to a small table entirely covered by an orange cloth, Kawan Silveira (star tattoo on right side of neck, orange briefs, close cut hair)  and Emerson Darien (white briefs, hair short on sides, long on top) are making out; Marciano (white briefs, short curly hair) comes from the other side of the pool to join them; Kawan sucks Marciano as Emerson sucks Kawan; Emerson sucks Kawan and Marciano; Kawan sits on Marciano and sucks Emerson; Emerson sits on Marciano; Kawan tops Emerson from behind; the three line up sideways on the deck: Marciano tops Kawan as Kawan tops Emerson.

5. Ricardo Zambrini OgAb, Tiago de Castro Or
On the beach, in a dinghy hung with white netting and blue ropes, Ricardo Zambrini (black briefs, tattoo on left deltoid) sucks Tiago de Castro (many tattoos, including dragon on right side,  green camouflage briefs); Ricardo sits on Tiago; Tiago tops Ricardo sideways.

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 2:12:37
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