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Boys On Film 17: Love Is The Drug (2017) PAL DVD9
CAM4TeenageSexualitySweet SixteenComing of AgeComing OutHoliday RomanceChance EncountersGay ClubChemsHookupsMale NudityGay Sex

Boys On Film 17

Explore hidden desires on a sleepover, fall in love with the handyman and be seduced by a stranger on the beach as you discover why LOVE IS THE DRUG.

Country: UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, USA, Sweden, Portugal
Language: English, French Swedish, Portuguese
Subtitles: English (hard) for Non English
Duration: 120 mins
IMDb: Not Yet!
Directors: Nicholas Colia, Dawid Ullgren, Brendon McDonall, André D Chambers
Stars: Silvio Canihuante, Keaton Nigel Cooke, Emelia Hansson, Inez Andersson
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Distributor: hxxps://
DVD Extras: Director’s Introduction, The Making of Kiss Me Softly & Trailers

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Plot Keywords:
CAM4, Teenage, Sexuality, Sweet Sixteen, Holiday Romance, Chance Encounters, Gay Club, Hookups, Male Nudity, Gay Sex.

Movie Info:
Be Intoxicated and entranced by the latest gay short films from around the world in BOYS ON FILM 17. Explore hidden desires during a sleepover, fall in love handyman and be seduced by a stranger on the beach as you discover why LOVE IS THE DRUG.

The second BOYS ON FILM of 2017 is arriving a touch later than usual, but presents the perfect antidote to Christmas viewing. As you know BOYS ON FILM is the world’s most successful short film anthology series, now with it’s seventeenth edition aptly titled LOVE IS THE DRUG. Here’s a run down of the nine films in this collection along with links to interviews with Gay Star News.

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