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Slut Machine - Internal Combustion
Cast: Adam Faust, Brandon Michaels, Luke Cross, Billy Cochran, Derek Downs, Devlin Michaels, Xander Knox, Rhet Hengst, Todd Coops, Kamrun, Sergio, Travis, Orion Cross, Lee Stone, The French Guy

We got your e-mails. We brought you the ass-fucking, hole-ripping, ass-to-mouth action you asked for. We also included loads of extras and J/O interviews. Jerk off to our video...
... You will go blind!

We brought back Big Daddy Ass Pilot Devlin Michaels to pound the fuck socket of new young power bottom Xander Knox.
Xander has one sweet little puckering hole that only needs a little bit of spit and polish before it gives way to Devlin's rock hard tool. I can personally tell you it's rough to get past Devlin's devilishly blue eyes but if you do you'll see the sexiest hairy chest in porn today. And to top it off you'll shoot your own load as you watch him shoot his jizz-fuel into Xander's scruffy boy fuel tank.

Derrek Down’s is the man to go to when you need someone who can take a slap down from a huge cock-bot like Rhett Hengst. Rhett gives him some angry raw fucking that will have you shooting all over your self. You fuckin’ pigs keep asking for some ass to mouth butt juice cock cleaning so we had Rhett cum in Derrek’s hole and than pull it out and force Derrek to lick it clean.

Main stream cover boy porn star Adam Foust told me that after he shot his load a dozen times to my first DVD ‘Fuck Engine’ he was ready to slam an ass raw on film. “You know what you’re doing,” he said while he squinted his eyes at me. I thought we were going to have to kick each other’s ass to see who was going to fuck who.
A little while after his interview I met pouty lipped and pouty holed Travis who as it turns out was a big fan of Adam.
So I lubed the way and next thing you have is a sloppy jizz filled hole. Travis loves eating the cum scooped out of his own ass.

Some of you may know Billy Cochran as the bottom who is able to take a baseball bat up his ass. With that image in mind you can see why I called up Kamrun, a sexy black stud who has a fucking cock the size of a baseball bat along with two beautiful chocolate balls hanging between his legs.

Friend and fellow Porn Director Luke Cross took a little time out of his busy schedule to shoot a scene for me with sexy Brazilian Butt Driver Sergio. Sergio has a fuckin’ charpe foreskin on his crankshaft that has a sweat cream aroma that drives me crazy. After using his hot Latino tongue on Luke’s pink little USB port he plugs him like he’s never been plugged on film before.
There are actually no edits in this scene. It was so fucking hot. I didn’t put the camera down from the moment Sergio slams his piston into Luke’s ass until he empties his balls into his hole. E-mail me what you think, I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but I think this is real porn at it’s finest, camera shakes and all.

I’m not the marrying type but I would consider a long-term relationship with bottom boy Paul’s pouty little hole. After watching this scene you’ll agree the boys got talent. Sit back and watch straight top stud Ray selfishly pump his load and walk out the door. Talk about a non-committal ass rapin’ slut. Luckily for Slut Machine, Paul is a 'live in the moment' little whore who loves to show off while he’s getting fucked up the ass hard.

To cap Disc One off I decided to include a 3-way filled with man sweat and ball juice.
I brought back Sergio and Kamrun to fuck seasoned ass-abyss Todd Coops.
Luckily for us Todd was available. Our first bottom decided at the last minute we were too fucking hard core for him. Which is exactly why you fuckin’ pigs love us.

Length: 1:37:39
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