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Raging Stallion - So Into You Sc 4 Adam Herst and Jimmy Durano 720p
Raging Stallion - So Into You scene 4 (Adam Herst and Jimmy Durano).mp4
Jimmy Durano is the prime specimen of athletic male definition. Lean,chiseled abs, handsome and dark with a huge uncut, Latin cock! He'spaired with his ideal -- Adam Herst -- an equally gorgeous blondhaired,blue-eyed stud. It's instant attraction from the start. Amidst lotsof passionate kissing, Adam devours Jimmy's big cock, shoving itdeep in his throat. Jimmy flips Adam in the air and feasts on hisperfect smooth round ass before fucking the hell out of him. Adamrides Jimmy pleasuring himself on his lengthy rod. He's soon buckedfrom the power position as he's fucked while on his back and thenupside down! Jimmy takes control as the scene ends with a powerpackedpile driver and a blast of cum all over Adam's beard andtongue.

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