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MEN - The Legend of Big Cock Part 1 - Beaux Banks and Pierce Paris (720p)
Released June 3, 2019

Beaux Banks, Pierce Paris and Oliver Dean went out into the woods to prove once and for all whether or not the legends of Big Cock are real. The three muscular hunks lounge by the fire, watching for signs of the mythical figure, but when Oliver takes off into the night things take a turn. Left alone, Beaux and Pierce can't contain their long-brewing lust, and soon Beaux discovers that whether Big Cock is fact or fiction, the monster in Pierce's pants is the real thing. Pierce shoves his massive cock down Beaux's throat and the sculpted cutie can't get enough, taking every inch of it. Beaux rides Pierce by the campfire, letting the chiseled hunk pound him hard and deep in the open air.
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