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Studio 2000 - Uncle Jack
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Stars:   Chris Steele   Zackery Scott   Rick Chase   Kevin Cobain   Cody Matthews   Brett Ford   Drew Peters   Peter Wilder   Michael Crawford   Griff Thorson  
Second file is a "bloopers or outtakes" video

Sweet and innocent Tim (Cody Matthews) had been living with his grandparents ever since his father was killed in a car accident when he was young. As wonderful and loving as his grandparents are, they are getting on in years and would like to spend it together without the responsibility of raising a young man. The sale of their house was an opportunity for them to move on with their lives and force Tim to move in with his uncle in LA.
It's been some time since Tim has seen his father's handsome and studly brother Uncle Jack (Chris Steele) and has NO idea of his lifestyle. As far as he knows, Uncle Jack owns and operates a movie sound stage.
Upon Tim's arrival Uncle Jack puts him to work at the sound stage. After the two unload a shipment of props and scenery, in comes Matt (Peter Wilder) who's after a little 'afternoon delight' with his fuck-buddy Jack. Unaware of Tim's presence, Matt makes it apparent what he wants, as Jack uncomfortably introduces his nephew Tim. Although he is cordial to his Uncle's friend, it's obvious Tim was surprised by what he just heard, but he plays it off. Uncle Jack is a bit concerned, but has more important things on his mind. Hot, down & dirty sex with Matt! He sends his nephew off to the beach, so he can get down to business with Matt. As Tim leaves, Matt apologizes to Jack for his comments earlier. They aren't quite sure if Tim heard what was said.
Meanwhile, f, in is noticeably upset by what has just happened, but decides to leave. Matt can't wait to get his mouth on Jack's hard cock while he sits on the tailgate of his truck. These two hot guys go at it, as if they haven't had sex in months! Sucking, and probing each other's hot bodies; it's amazing they both didn't cum in a matter of a few minutes! But wait, someone is watching! They've been caught. Or have they? Tim realizes he has no cash and comes back to borrow some from his Uncle, only to find him engrossed in a steamy "69" with his buddy Matt. If he was unsure about what took place earlier, he certainly isn't now. Visibly shaken, Tim quietly leaves, as to not interrupt his Uncle's pleasure.
And pleasure it is... Jack and Matt had only gotten started. They make excellent use of Jack's truck for their sexual antics. Fucking, sucking, rimming, you name it, they did it. And they finish off with an almost simultaneous climax, thoroughly coating Matt's rock hard stomach!
After dinner that night while washing dishes Jack asks Tim what's bothering him. He just says he misses his grandparents and excuses himself from the kitchen. The following day at work, Jack has business to attend to at the office. So, Tim heads to the stage only to discover the gaffer, key grip and best boy are about to engage in a menage-a-tois of epic proportions!
Tim may have been surprised to see these three going at it, but when Jerry (Drew Peters) is bent over the scaffolding getting a good fucking by Dave (Griff Thorson) while he sucks Rick's (Zachary Scott) prick, it doesn't take him long to feel the growing tension in his crotch. It's all he can do to stop himself from unzipping his jeans and jerking off right where he stands. As he watches some major fucking by the three stage hands and then witnesses them shoot their wads, he decides he's not quite ready to get off. Not just yet, anyway!
Back at Jack's apartment, he and Tim are eating dinner, as Tim expresses the differences he's noticed between his home town Petaluma and Southern California. "There are a lot more queers down here... " says Tim, "even though they don't look it." Uncle Jack doesn't quite know what to say. Then Tim excuses himself from the table to go for a walk and think.
Jack's sound stage has had barely enough time to cool down from the past few day's fuck-fests, when production designer Nick (Rick Chase) and set decorator Geoff (Kevin Cobain) make it quite obvious they're more interested in undressing each other then dressing their set. It doesn't take long before the two are engaged in each other's hard dicks. Geoff can barely contain himself as Nick gives him an intense blow job while stroking his hard on below. And after a good fucking, it doesn't take long for Nick to shoot all over himself while Geoff is busily ramming that big cock up his buddy's ass. He too, soon blows his load - adding to Nick's hot & sticky load!
Moments later in the sound stage men's room, Pete (Michael Crawford) is taking a piss while Chuck (Brett Ford) is washing his hands, as they discuss the fact that Tim has been watching them. They decide they're going to give him a show - one he won't soon forget. As they exit the 'head' and begin to climb the stairs, Pete viciously pulls Chuck's pants and underwear down and begins to lick on his beautiful bare ass. It doesn't take long for Chuck to get the idea and turn himself over so Pete can begin to assault his ever-hardening cock! But wait, there's more to this than meets the eye! It looks as if we have a voyeur from the upstairs loft? It's sweet and innocent Tim - with a hard-on his jeans can hardly contain!
But let's not forget about our two stairwell studs giving a show for little nephew boy. Chuck pushes Pete against the wall and gives him an all-over tongue bath on the way down to his waiting cock. Upstairs, things are starting to get a little warm too, the jeans are undone, the underwear goes down and out comes Tim's beautiful long cock, as he begins to do what men do best! He looks over as Pete begins to fuck Chuck in the face, keeping time with each and every stroke. It's not long before our hot studs have almost all but forgotten about their voyeur and become totally engrossed in each other's sexual pleasure. Each one finishes off just in time to see Tim reach his self-inflicted orgasm from above. Little does Tim know, Uncle Jack has been watching his nephew's antics from down below.
Later that day, Jack and Tim discuss what just happened, which leads to... let's just say, you'll get off on the climactic outcome of John Travis' Uncle Jack.
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