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The Best Of Tommy Haine (Part 2)
Part two of 'The Best Of Tommy Haine' includes six scenes from video's by Cazzo, LoadXXX, Wurstfilm and Eurocreme in which he not only clearly demonstrates that he loves to bottom but also shows his more submissiive side.

Incredibly sexy slutboy Tommy Haine is a hunky versatile lad, happy to fuck younger guys, as well as enjoying being fucked by older muscled guys and regularly displaying a true liking for kinky sex. Performing as Billy for SportLads and as Zach for Blake Mason, Tommy has a shaved head, a hot beefy body, good pecs and abs, thick strong legs, big calves and a big uncut 8-inch cock.

The third and final part three will be uploaded in a day or so and includes another six scenes in which Tommy displays a genuine liking for hardcore kinky action such as barehack fucking and getting fucked, deep rimming and swallowing cum and piss.

Contents (Part 2):
Scene 6 - Abused! (Scene 1 from Bulldog XXX - Bound Shaved & Fucked) - 19:31
Hot Gallic beauty Brice Farmer and hung stud Ivo Costa use and abuse Tommy, getting him on his knees and shoving their thick cocks into his hungry mouth. Blindfolding and cuffing him, his cute butt is masterfully prepared by Brice for Ivo to ram his perfectly formed cock deep into him, stretching his sweet butt-cheeks apart whilst he's munching on Brice's cock and butt in this thrilling spit roasting.

Scene 7 - Matt & Tommy (Scene 1 from Eurocreme - Straight Butt Bangers) - 16:46
Getting rock hard watching straight porn, Matt Hughes teases Tommy with his massive cock and soon fucks his face with it! Not content with slamming against his tonsils, Matt flips the kid onto his back and probes his butt deep, getting as much thick meat inside as possible. Letting him jerk off, Matt is still inside when Tommy dumps his load, shortly followed by Matt, mixing both lots together

Scene 8 - After The Game (Scene 1 from Cazzo Film - Fanatics) - 15:56
Tommy the goalie is between a rock and a hard place when coach Rocco Banks and his teammates Jordan Fox and Christian Herzog mercilessly fuck him senseless in the showers for every goal scored against him.

Scene 9 - Felix & Tommy (Edit of scenes 1 and 3 from Wurstfilm - Wasserratten) - 11:58
A voyage at sea can splash it and squirt it all over you. On board everyone's got their trousers off and are having a good time in the bunks. Unfortunately Felix Morris isn't sea worthy because he's tied up at home, where sailor Tommy big fat rope and horny hole needs his attention.

Scene 10 - Marcel & Tommy (Scene 4 from Wurstfilm - Fick Den Touri) - 17:27
Sex-reporter Marcel Schlutt is blowing and sticking himself into half of Europe. He desperately wants to know if Spaniards really are volcanoes, the French have exclusively thick baguettes and if the Dutch dicks really are that much bigger than German ones? And who the fuck is Big Ben? He'll soon finds out when he interviews Tommy in London.

Scene 11 - Cum-Eating Three-Way (Scene 4 from Load XXX - Cum Eating Scally Boys) - 21:41
In this fine three-way, Tommy joins James Allen and Alex Preston for some naughty play and butt fucking fun. Both Tommy and James get a hot spit roasting and the scene finishes with two sticky loads on James' face while the latter shoots his own load on his stomach and chest. Cum hungry Tommy and Alex lean in to gobble up the frosty treat from James' face en belly!

Part 1 of 'The Best Of Tommy Haine' can be found here:

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