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ChaosMen - 2177 - Michael Shores & Vander Raw (1080p)
Release date: September 7, 2018

Video Number: 2177

Jockstrap fans rejoice!

Vander loves his dirty jockstraps, and we got both of them suited up in their favorites. It was a little musky in the studio that day!

Vander loves this accessory, though Michael feels it doesn't show his bubble-butt in a good way, but I have to disagree. He looks even more tasty! Vander agrees with me as he could not stop having Michael sit on his face so he could tongue his hole while grabbing his straps.

I thought perhaps they would abandon the jockstraps, but both were enjoying it so much that they keep them in place the entire video.

You can tell this is a legitimate fetish for both these guys, indicated by the hungry and intense need for each other.

Vander runs the table on Michael's ass. He constantly goes back and forth from licking his hole, to jamming aggressively his thick cock deep inside his ass.

I do believe we might have tired voracious bottom-boy Michael.

Vander fucks him until he cums, filling his Boy up. By then, Michael's abused hole needed to be kissed and rimmed, not being able to take any more hammering.

Vander tenderly licks and sucks the cum out of Michael's hole, while Michael squeezes out a load which he feeds to Vander!

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