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BrokeStraightBoys - Ryan Parks Fucking Richie West (1080p)
Released July 26, 2019

A few kisses between Ryan Parks and Richie West turn into a delicious 69-ing fuckfest as Richie goes down on Ryan.  After getting a taste of that sweet cock, they move over to the couch and Ryan pumps his cock into Richie’s mouth, leaning over to suck him off.  Ryan’s eager mouth finds its way to Richie’s ass, his face buried between Richie’s ass while he rims that tight little hole. Spreading him wide, Ryan runs a finger along Richie’s ring of muscle, getting one last taste before standing up and spearing Richie with his hard dick.

Pushing himself deep into Richie’s ass, Ryan fucks him raw and hard, driving his cock in and out as Richie moans beneath him.  After getting fucked from behind, Richie turns onto his back to take that dick, letting Ryan pound him as he leans in to suck on Richie’s nipples. Richie plays with his own hard cock as Ryan fucks him until both these studs are shooting loads of hot cum all over Richie’s sweaty body!
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