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Southern Strokes - Carter 720p
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Say hello to our 23 year old southern gym rat; Carter. Carter and I traded a few emails which included some revealing pics of Carter mostly standing in front of his bathroom mirror. From the looks of those pics, I expected a much different guy to show up.

Carter came straight from the gym where he spends 4 hours a day lifting. I expected him to be beefy but I didn’t expect a country boy turned power lifter to visit us at the Ranch. Take one look at Carter’s beat up hands and shins and there won’t be any question in your mind how much time this stud spends in the gym.

As much time as Carter spends at the gym, he is used to guys checking him out almost daily. He hasn’t made it to the dark side yet but I could tell that he doesn’t mind the attention. He seemed a little uncomfortable at first but after a brief chat on the couch, Carter pulled off his green baller shorts and started stroking his cock.

Carter flexed that big chest of his as he worked his hard throbbing cock up and down. Carter kept sliding down lower and lower on the couch with each stroke until he squeezed out a big creamy nut that seemed to keep cumming and cumming.

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