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Elektro C1R - Little Big League (2004) DVD
analoraljocksuniformslocker roomgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Doug Jeffries

Brent Everett
Dallas Foster
Drew Peters
Holden Grey
Jacob Slader
Josh Carter
Marcus Allen
Matthew Matters
Owen Hawk
Robbie Angel
Sergio Anthony
Theo Blake

In this Doug Jeffries' creation, a down-on-his-luck coach and his group of ragtag baseball players win a surprise victory over a more polished, athletic team, and ... no, wait, that was "The Bad News Bears." "Little Big League" is rife with sports imagery (as it should be), and more rife with _|[][ k5 who can hardly wait to get back to the locker room and fuck around. The cast, especially Robbie Angel, Theo Blake and Drew Peters, is eminently watchable throughout, and the direction is confident and assured.

P.S. There is something funky about this disk. It works in all my players, but it isn't my rip, and someone has futzed with it. It has no opening splash screen, goes right to the menu.

P.P.S. Yes, that's Marcus Allen, aka Timothy Boham, murderer, serving life without parole.

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