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ChaosMen - 2291 - Kelly Evans & Thompson Raw (720p)
Release date: May 17, 2019

Video Number: 2291

I knew Kelly Evans and Thompson would be an awesome pairing.

Kelly, of course, loves to top, and Thompson is best on bottom. With Kelly's daddy vibe, Thompson loved having him take control.

Kelly wanted to get Thompson so turned-on that he was begging for Kelly's dick.

Kelly sucks on Thompson's cock first, edging his cock with his mouth, and then rimming his hole, creating the need for his dick.

Kelly then feeds his cock to Thompson, getting him fully re-charged for fucking. Kelly face fucks him, giving Thompson little room to escape, but Thompson takes it a like a champ.

After some hot rimming, Kelly begins by fucking Thompson on his back. A risky first position as Thompson cums so easily in this position.

Next, Thompson rides his cock, doing most of the thrusting initially. Kelly then takes over the fucking action, thrusting deep inside Thompson's hole.

They get in a doggies-style position and this is too much pleasure for Thompson. He showers us with a huge load while Kelly hammers his hole.

Kelly then pulls out to jerk-off. He was quite a distance from Thompson's hole, and I couldn't figure out how he was going to manage breeding his boy. But Kelly shoots over a foot, and targets Thompsons' butt hole like a laser beam. It is amazing seeing the distance and accuracy!

Kelly fucks his hole with his load, then Thompson is a good boy, and cleans his daddy's cock!
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