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AlphaMale Fuckers - Dressed To Fuck

Lorenzo and Chase Acland  

Charming, sweet talking Lorenzo has brought Chase Acland a gift. In gratitude, the bearded tattooed and slender redhead is soon on his knees, devouring the bearded muscle hunk’s cock. Lorenzo returns the favor but quickly returns to face fucking Chase. Grabbing a fistful of red hear, Lorenzo fills Chase’s throat before dropping to his knees once more. The swarthy, masculine fucker tops Chase, bending him over a fuck bench for easy access to that hungry ginger hole. Beefy Lorenzo then bareback fucks Chase, pounding his ass mercilessly until he fucks the cum out of him and delivers his load to the mix.

Teddy Torres and Rogue Status  

Friends in real life, Teddy Torres and Rogue Status get together on their lunch break to satisfy their hunger for big cock. Handsome hairy hunk Teddy goes down on bald, bearded Rogue and gets quite the face as he slobbers all over Rogue’s tool. But then tattooed and pierced Rogue has a go, salivating all over scruffy Teddy’s thick uncut slab of meat, taking him down to the balls. But what Teddy likes most, especially at lunch, is getting stuffed full of raw cock. Rogue gives him exactly what he wants, balls deep, pounding away as they get sweaty, grunting and snorting like pigs. However, there are times Rogue needs a big dick up his ass as well. Next thing you know he’s straddled Teddy, impaling himself on the juicy cock. Rogue rides Teddy like a pogo stick, fucking himself until he’s ready to shoot his load…straight into Teddy’s mouth! The batter flies and Teddy is good to catch as much as he can before returning the favor and giving Rogue a mouthful of cream they both share.

Chase Acland and Zack Acland  

Married in real life, Chase and Zack Acland still have that burning fire. The only difference is that now, unlike when they first started dating, they like to take their sweet time. Nothing rushed or hurried for these two! And when it comes to no holds barred sex, the tattooed and pierced fuckers are perfectly matched. They like making out but what they really like is satisfying their oral fixations for cock and hairy ass. Bearded Chase slobbers all over Zack's pierced cock before burying his face in his husband's hairy ass, worshiping the way his man should be worshiped...tongue in hole. But Zack flips the tables on Chase and eats HIS ass before lubing up and sliding that pierced cock home. Zack bareback fucks his ginger hubby, taking him on all fours and on his back before blowing his seed inside Chase to mark his territory. Isn't he romantic?

Mickey Carpathio and Saul Leinad  

Bald bearded white daddy Mickey Carpathio is hungry for what Saul Leinad is packing. Little does Mickey know that Saul has a big black cock the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while! It’s large, thick, and uncut, just the way Mickey likes them. Then again, for Mickey it’s more about the size as this little fucker LOVES a challenge. As the two contrasting men take turns sucking each other Mickey gets nastier and more primal, snorting like a pig while chowing down on Saul’s monster slab, taking him down to the base and even getting his face fucked. They soon get down to the very serious business of fucking. How Mickey was able to take Saul’s thick, uncut beercan cock is beyond us but he clearly loved every inch of that raw meat fucking him bareback. And then it was Saul’s turn to get fucked. Only Mickey was already so near the edge he blew his load all over Saul’s furry, milk chocolate skin then roughly fingered his hole to help him spew.
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