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Active Duty - Zane with Outtakes (2000)
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Early the next morning Dink wakes Zane and tells him that he's heading out for a couple of days and that before he goes he wants Zane to give him one more hot J/O session for the customers. Well, Zane is always a horny little fucker so he's game for it. Zane delivers one final sperm popping session before heading to Korea. But wait...there's more!

The final part of this video is an no-holds-barred interview with Zane. First he starts off by just talking to the camera, telling you his inner thoughts and observations about the whole amateur porn thing and dishing up the dirt on Dink. Then Dink comes in and spills a little dirt himself. It a big ol' gossip-fest and the perfect way to send Zane off.  

Soldiers: Zane
Date: 11/27/2000
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