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ChaosMen - 0901 - Alan solo (1080p)
Release date: September 5, 2011

Video Number: 901

Alan is just out of high school, 18 and ready to show-off a little.

He used to be heavier, and has been working out really hard the last year. I think his body is amazing. He's a baby bear...juuuust right in all the right places.

I asked him to grow out his pubes, and we were waiting, but someone cancelled, and he was close enough to get him to fill in. He promises to leave his body hair alone for us.

Speaking of hair, Alan likes blonds with nice firm asses, and is not very nervous for the solo, or next weeks blow job.

Alan stuck to straight porn for both, but he did say he had let one guy suck him off before.  I sure hope every straight guy has one of those stories!

Anyway, his solo is quite nice. He looks a little nervous, but I think he just didn't know where to look. Some guys are naturals playing to the camera, but I think it was harder for him than most.

So stay tuned for next week, when I KNOW he doesn't look nearly as nervous!
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