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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Mojzis Kral - SPANKING
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Released 30 July 2019

A gagged, blindfolded and shackled Mojzis Kral, wearing just his underwear, gets a good spanking. He feels a riding crop hitting on his hot ass, with the underwear wedged into his crack.  Heavy hands sting that ass too landing repeatedly as it reddens. His underwear is pulled down and his cock and balls are tugged. That big cock gets quite hard as it is pulled on. Then a thumb slips into Mojzis tight hole, going in deep.  It is replaced by a finger going even deeper. He hole gets a lot of attention as he is whipped and gets more of the crop. Turned onto his back, with his wrists and ankles shackled together Mojzis cock is wanked again and his ass is spanked and fingered.  Then he is released from the shackles and drops his legs and wanks his massive cock.
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