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CollegeDudes - Jacob Stax And Adrian Suarez
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Jacob Stax and Adrian Suarez kiss each other hungrily, their eagerness to touch each other evident as they reach for the other’s cock and rub it gently. Adrian goes down on Jacob, taking that huge prick in his mouth and sucking it as Jacob pumps his hips, his cock sliding down Adrian’s throat. They switch and Adrian gets his member serviced by Jacob’s warm, wet mouth as he moves his lips up and down Adrian’s shaft, making him grow even harder.
A little more oral and these guys are ready to fuck as they climb onto the bed and Adrian straddles Jacob, lowering his ass onto Jacob’s erect member and slowly adjusting to his size as he takes it inch by inch up his ass. Flipping onto his back, Adrian spreads his legs wide open and receives Jacob’s fat dick again, his sore ass getting pounded hard as Jacob goes balls deep in that hole. As he gets fucked, Adrian plays with himself, his hand moving quickly over his own cock as Jacob leans in for a kiss while he continues to bury himself in Adrian’s entrance. The cum pours out of Adrian’s dick as he works his cock to orgasm and then lies back to take Jacob’s hot load.
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