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William Higgins - Str8Hell - Petr Ujen - SPANKING
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Released July 3rd, 2018.

1080p version.

Petr Ujen is a very hot str8 guy. He is gagged and shackled on the bed, wearing just a jockstrap. As he lays on his belly, trying to free himself his captor arrives. The captor feels the sexy ass and straddles Petr's legs as he starts to spank. His hands squeeze the ass cheeks and spank them. Petr moans as he feels it. Oil is dripped onto Petr's ass and the cheeks are spread to have the oil rubbed over his hole. Then a thumb is pushed into that hole. The ass is spanked some more as Petr keeps moaning. His hole is fingered deep too. Then a vibrator is pushed into that hot ass as the cheeks are spanked. Petr's ass is fucked deep by the toy, then it is removed and his ass gets more of the heavy hands. He is moved onto his back, with his legs in the air to show off the hot hole. That hole is oiled again and is spanked too. The butt cheeks feel the heavy hands and then a finger is shoved back into the hole. The cheeks color nicely as they are spanked and Petr's hole gets fucked hard by two fingers. Then three fingers go in. The hole gapes too when the cheeks are spread. The the legs are released and Petr's cock is oiled and wanked. He is allowed to wank himself and soon shoots he hot cum, squirting it all over the place.
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