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MenOver30 - IOU My Ass - Osiris Blade & Caleb Troy
These sexy lovers are in bed having a hot make out session and boners are raging hard as rocks. Osiris wants Caleb's ass tonight but he doesn't want to give it up one bit. He would rather be deep inside Osiris but Osiris has a secret weapon that Caleb actually made him which is an IOU to fuck his tight ass. Osiris pulls the card out and Caleb has to comply so they get right to it after some hot intense cock sucking. That big black cock fits perfectly deep inside Caleb and even though he didn't want it he now loves the feel of it and can't stop. Osiris loves fucking that ass but he doesn't want to be too greedy so he pulls out and flips his ass up in the air for Caleb to dive into and he doesn't hesitate for a second and before you know it he is balls deep in that tight smooth ass. They pump and sweat it all out until the cum blasts away all over Osiris.

Original Upload 09/05/2015 - ric58hard
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