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Different for Girls (1996) 480p DVDRip x264-MM
BritishHigh SchoolGay TeenagerBullyingJealousyViolencePrejudiceIndecent ExposurePolice BrutalitySex ChangeHookupReconnectRomanceComing OutMale NudityGay/Trans Sex

When Paul last saw his old school friend he remembered a boy named Karl. Now, fifteen years later, he unexpectedly runs into him again, but now she's Kim, a post-operative transsexual. Worlds apart in their attitudes toward life, they no longer appear to have anything in common. However, the physical attraction they feel now is ironically as strong as their childhood friendship. Taking the best from their different lifestyles, she helps him to grow up and he helps her to have fun and somewhere along the way they accidentally fall in love.

This charming film is a great one for anyone who loves a good old cozy romcom but wishes for something a bit different, off the beaten track, away from the more tedious cliches of some of the genre. Steven Mackintosh and Rupert Graves are both excellent as the two protagonists, who were best friends (and each other's only friend) at an unpleasant boys school but who have since lost touch. When they meet again, Prentiss (Graves) has a dead-end job and has signally failed to grow up. But Karl (Mackintosh) is now Kim, having undergone a sex-change. They find they still connect and rediscover the fondness between them, but where will it go when Kim has sworn off all relationships with men and Prentiss is having trouble seeing his old friend in her true gender?

A lovely piece of British cinema..
Heart-warming, funny, interesting and with a great soundtrack.

^^^screenshots from the DVD.
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