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Titan Media - Stockroom - Tibor Wolfe, David Anthony & Spencer Reed, rape
What secrets await in the Stockroom? In the depths of a mysterious warehouse hidden from the outside world, an extreme experience awaits.

Scene 1 - Hanging upside down in his latex singlet, tattooed Tibor Wolfe is at the mercy of chiseled David Anthony and beefy Spencer Reed, whose massive muscles are hugged by latex. The duo spits on Tibor as they slap him around, quickly shoving their cocks in his mouth. Soon on his knees, Tibor growls as he sucks his verbal dominators - who hold onto his head as they fuck his face before the three squirt. The two get Tibor on all fours over a pile of wooden skids in the stockroom. Spencer grinds his boner on Tibor's ass as David pisses on the bottom. David then spits on him as he gets fucked, soon stuffing his monster cock in Tibor's mouth. "Fucking give it to me!" demands the bottom, his hard cock caught in a hot low shot that also shows off Spencer's deep thrusts.
The two alpha males switch positions, continuing to stuff both of Tibor's holes. As the multiple muscles in David's body flex while he fucks, Spencer shoves Tibor's head down on his cock: "Fucking pig! Suck that cock! Dirty little slut!" Soon on his back, Tibor pisses into his own mouth as he gets fucked by David, with Spencer soon getting another crack at the bottom's hole. David shows remarkable piss control, unleashing a few fountains over the bottom's increasingly wet and hairy chest. Soon in a sling, Tibor gets his hole fisted by David in a steady punch fuck. Spencer pisses on the bottom, then fucks him before David gets a final fist inside - the there squirting again before Tibor is shackled to the ground, a dildo shoved up his ass.

Run Time: 1 hr 5 mins
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