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UK Naked Men - Gloryhole Boy - Johann Banks, Luke River, Alan X, Stefan Stewart
oral only .wmv uknm
Our Gloryhole boy is Johann and boy, is he a greedy one. We lined up some of our biggest, fattest uncut cocks for Johann and he lapped them up, feasting on the hard muscle and slurping on those foreskins, swallowing inch after inch of throbbing cock until they explode and he gets to taste hot, fresh cum as it splashes onto his bearded face and runs down his furry chest, where he then adds his own hot load and sits back, dripping and satisfied.

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Despite the hot guys and HD res I was disappointed.  Lovely Johann is not the world's greatest cocksucker!

Still, some of you guys might want it.

Original: 29/07/2013 -matthewmnacs
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