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The End of My World / Mój koniec swiata (2017) with Eng, Ch subtitles
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Director:  Kamil Krawczycki
Actor:     Bartosz Ostrowski, Karol Kubasiewicz, Pawel Dobek
Subtitles (hard):  English, Chinese
Duration:  00:30:52
First Polish gay short drama. After a few years of their relationship, Eryk leaves Filip and disappears without a trace. Filip is unable to handle the new situation and is convincing himself that the end of the relationship is also the end of his world. He has put aside his life waiting for Eryk to contact him. Filip doesn't know yet that a new day is going to bring many reflections, changes and ground-breaking decisions. How long are we able to fight for the first love? Does the fight make sense if we feel that everything has burned out? Filip is looking for the answers to these questions while heading in the direction of the new beginning.
IMDb: 6,5/10
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