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ChaosMen- Glenn Complete Bareback Pack (Full 1080p)
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The Complete Full HD 1080p Bareback pack of Glenn from ChaosMen, apart from the video's already posted here are not in this pack.

You get all the hottest action of the sexy HOT dudeimage

Details of this Pack video's are:

01. CM1021 Glenn & Kristopher RAW
Release date: May 23, 2012. Running Time: 26 Mins And 34 Mins

Video Number: 1021

Glenn still has a smile and look of disbelief through this video. You can decide if he can't believe he is doing it, or he can't believe he is enjoying it.

He definitely needed someone like Kristopher to take charge, and Kristopher delivers as usual, guiding the newbie through it all.

Glenn was just down to fuck a dude. So no kissing, sucking etc. But he did say the next time he might try that. Typical first-timer limits.

What wasn't so typical was he sure liked fucking Kristopher in the ass. Even the oral he stayed bone hard for. Kristopher excels at bottoming and I think Glenn was in awe that this dude was taking it so well.

Kristopher ramps up, and nuts on Glenn's stomach. His first load "touching" him and he did fine. Just kind of smiles.

Didn't slow him down for his cumshot though. I think he was struggling to NOT bust during most of this shoot.  He was laying on his back while shooting, and even the most experienced guy can struggle to nut AND juice the guy with his load.

Glenn did an awesome job cumming then sliding his cum-soaked cock in Kristopher's eager hole.

Yep. Glenn had a good time. He will be back to try more "new things!"

02. CM1038 Glenn & Jet RAW
Release date: July 6, 2012. Running Time: 21 Mins And 42 Seconds

Video Number: 1038

I myself find "First Time" videos to be dubious at best. I rarely go that marketing angle.  It is a tough sell to an audience who has seen just about everything, plus my air dates are often long after I film them. They might have moved onto another studio and gotten a lot more adventurous by the time my video airs.

But for some models, it is very believable.  Glenn really struggled through his oral video, and for his first sex film, he could only bring himself to play a little with Kristopher's cock.  This time though, he had an epiphany, and said he was just going to try it all.

Even Jet who had done some work before, still had to take some time to suck some dick. But he moved into the Fast Lane quick when he put his mind to it. That is what Glenn did too, though I doubt I will get him eating ass anytime soon, but Jet sure gave it a try.

We start-off with Glenn giving his first BJ to Jet. He does in fact look clumsy, but he is intent on trying to please him.  Jet, always quick to fire-one-off, even had to pause during the blow job to avoid cumming. I was shocked because it didn't look like Glenn was going full-tilt on him.  Then again, Jet is always about to nut!

Glenn also tackled another first by taking Jet's cock. Not a peep of a complaint, and Jet did his best to take it easy on him.  I had told Glenn to not just sit and "take it" but to stroke his cock, so he could turn the pain into pleasure, and I will be damned if his cock stayed hard while getting fucked. I am going to see if we can make him nut from being fucked in the future!

I can't remember if this is Jet's first time Topping a guy, but I think his cock enjoys being fucked better. His dick always gets super hard, and he is always just about to nut when someone is up inside of him.

First Jet rides Glenn's cock, and they have a little bit of awkwardness trying to move about (they both are smiling as they move around, I can't figure out what they thought was funny myself) Glenn gets at the perfect angle to hit Jet's sweet spot, and in he goes, and Jet takes off like..well...a jet!

I was underneath, filming the undershot, and hadn't really adjusted the other cameras to get his cock on the other cameras, and sure enough he just goes a little too far and practically nuts on the camera. He did cum on me and you can hear it splatter on the carpet.  I am SO glad I bought my own steam cleaner!  So we might not have every angle, but it is fucking intense.

It's a great angle, but that wasn't the best cum shot in this shoot! Now I haven't seen this much before, I think Austin did it with Teo, but that was no where near as dramatic as Glenn's spasming cock.

Glenn ramps up, spilling a little seed on Jet's back, then goes to shove his cock in to unload deep inside Jet. He misses the hole first try and a bit of cum oozes out, but then he gets his dick planted inside, and I have never EVER seen a guy's cock twitch and spasm so much! You can literally see it pumping his load into Jet!

He pulls out to do some cum play with his cock, and a big 'ole wad of DNA slides out. Fucking awesome.

So the lessons I learned from this shoot. Newbies can be Pros....and buy your own carpet steam cleaner if you are going to shoot porn! (and maybe wear a bib if you are in the Splash Zone!)

03. CM1052 Glenn & Teo RAW
Release date: November 22, 2012. Running Time: 27 Mins (Approx)

Video Number: 1052

I feel like I keep patting myself on the back with pairings lately. When Glenn walked in the door, I immediately wanted to put him with Teo.  Teo has a ton of energy, while Glenn is a quiet type, but for some reason I thought they would fit nicely.

Then after Glenn started bottoming, I knew I could get a nice flip-flop scene out him and Teo.  Usually opting to bottom because he is not confident he can stay hard, the last couple scenes Teo has been a walking boner.

I keep stepping up the cock-size on Glenn too.  I think eventually he will be able to handle Vander. It still surprises me he stays hard while being fucked and has trouble NOT cumming while being fucked. Especially given how reticent he was initially to do more than just receive head.

Clearly Glenn is down for just about anything now. He sucks cock greedily and I am pretty sure Teo had to have him slow down because he was about to cum when they were 69ing. When Glenn worked with Jet, well, Jet is always about to cum, but Teo has foreskin and Glenn just doesn't have hours of cock sucking practice. But he sure keeps the guys edging with his mouth!

I love Glenn's ass, and to see him slide right down on Teo's hard cock just makes me happy. He has come so far! And then he slides right off and fucks Teo all "push-up style"  He has low hangers and they kept getting in the way, so eventually he is fucking a bit off to the side.  Glenn, sounding like his balls have always been a nuisance, suggested I just duct tape them up.  Nawww...I would rather see them slapping against a guy's ass!

Not sure if Glenn has been Juiced before, but I know it has been a while for Teo to do the honors. Glenn takes it like a man, while Teo jams his spent cock in his hole.

After all this time, Teo is now fine with cum on his face and mouth, and suggested a facial.  Glenn delivers a pretty massive load, coating his face. Teo show boats and sucks the cum from Glenn's country boy dick!

04. CM1062 Delaney & Glenn RAW
Release date: July 27, 2012. Running Time: 29 Mins (Approx)

Video Number: 1062

I don't know who was more eager about doing this shoot, me or Delaney?

He is sex-on-a-red stick and was so into the Edge video, I knew he would be back  as soon as he could. He wanted to come back and try to do a lot more. Delaney is debating his sexuality, but I think he is just omni-sexual. He seem to like everything. But this is giving him a chance to explore "dudes."

Glenn is coming along too, and I think I am playing this video out of sequence for him. His bottoming has really come a long ways from his last-aired video with Jet.

Before the shoot, the two were talking about ass fucking.  Delaney was confused that Glenn didn't actually find pleasure from the ass play. Glenn was emphatic that he just basically "takes it" and just works through it.  I think that's when Delaney decided he might at least be Bisexual, because he was looking forward to having a dick inside him again.

I thought he was enthusiastic working with Ransom, but once Glenn's cock was hard, Delaney attacked it like he was starving for it.  He does all kinds of sucking methods to not only please Glenn, but to just take-in the smell, taste, and sight of the fat cock in front of him. He is no longer 'on set', but in his own little world. You can tell he has checked-out and is in cock-sucking Nirvana.

Glenn's gives some false delivery/acting, but at one point Delaney is really using all his sucking skills, and Glenn does have to make him stop for fear of cumming.  That was real. Glenn is one of models who is usually on the verge of nutting the entire video. Well, as Glenn said, except for when he is getting fucked.

I know I am jumping ahead, and I should leave the cameras on, but Glenn had an epiphany on that point. After Delaney was fucking him, between takes, he totally admitted he could cum that way. It was the first time it was feeling really good. Delaney, a bit embarrassed, self-deprecated, and said it was because his dick was small.  Glenn said it was perfect and he really wanted to try cumming that way and asked if we could end that way.

I had a different ending in mind, and I figured we could tackle Glenn cumming from being fucked at a later date, but today I wanted to see Delaney's dick squirt from Glenn's rather thick dick inside of him, then cum oozing out his little hole.

Ok, so back to the oral. Glenn returns the favor, and Delaney looks pretty happy having a hot guy suck him off. He does wilt a bit at the end as Glenn is still learning his oral skills, so they go to a 69-position. Glenn's dick needed just a bit of Delaney's sucking action to wake-back-up.

Delaney's cock was staying soft, so I motioned for Glenn to insert a finger. Sure enough, Delaney started moaning and his dick got hard again. Phew!

And then they move to a position where Glenn lays on his back and Delaney can try sitting/squatting down on his dick, controlling the insert.


We tried like eight times!

I even had Delaney on the floor on his back and I was pushing toys in his hole and he seriously has the teeniest butt hole I have ever seen!

After getting a toy back up there, and two more failed attempts of Delaney trying to sit on Glenn's cock, we just went back to the 69 oral position, and this time Glenn does the insert with Delaney on his back.  Ahhhh..the magic of editing.

Even still, you can see Glenn is having to go nice and slow as he works his cock in.  Delaney was surprised he was having so much trouble taking it. He really wanted it!

Clearly this isn't Delaney's first time with a dick in his ass. But Ransom is a bit smaller, and actually pretty good at finding the hole, and inserting smoothly. He did all the work in the Edge video.  Glenn is still a newbie and his cock is a step or two up in girth.  Glenn really takes it easy on him, and you can see how much Delaney is focusing to open up for him.

He finally was able speed up a bit, just enough so he can keep the pleasure going for himself to stay hard. And then, ta-da! Delaney's dick stands up again!  Is he gonna be a bottom?

Glenn was ready to flip-flop and they exchange positions, and I deliberately put Glenn on his back, trying to see if he might find that position pleasurable. He did, and like I mentioned, he wanted to cum right then and there to see what it was going to feel like.

We also pre-insert a butt plug inside of Delaney, just to make sure his hole stayed open, but also, I thought it would keep him hard to top. Worked pretty good too!

I know other sites have the guys doing all kinds of acrobatic sex positions, but honestly, I am trying to get newbies to really like fucking and getting fucked, so we stick to the Tried and True positions, and ones where I can get the best view of the cum shots.

I rarely do this, but after 30 minutes of trying to get even the smallest butt plug in Delaney, and he was so happy on his back getting plowed by Glenn, that we just went back to that position for the end.

And it is official, Delaney IS a bottom!

His dick perks right up and his cum shot is massive as Glenn tries really hard to rub his hard cock on his prostate. It worked! Crazy amounts of cum fountain out of Delaney's cock!

I thought for sure Delaney would go into a post-cum-coma, but Glenn ramped up and Delaney was alert and egging him to shoot inside him. Almost in wonder, he kept saying how warm it felt.  I think he he liked it...a lot!

Anyway, a lot of you have been emailing me saying you really liked Delaney and hoped he was coming back for more. Well he is.

I only have one summer to work with him, before school and sports fill-up his schedule. I am gonna try to cram in 4-5 films this Summer. I fast tracked this video, and I will try get his vids out to you as fast as we can make them. ..the boy with the glowing red pubes.

And Glenn is really coming into his own too, so there will be more of the boy with glowing blue eyes!

05. CM1067 Booker & Glenn GhOle RAW
Release date: September 26, 2012. Running Time: 24 Mins

Video Number: 1067

I am gonna admit something. I am trying to do another G:hOle (Glory Hole) DVD, and realized that a lot of the ones I had done were already on other DVD compilations.

So I have been focusing on getting guys in there, so it may seem like the bathroom has been used a lot lately.  I only need about 3-4 more films to complete it.

I thought Booker and Glenn might look out of place at the location, but it turns out they were excited to be somewhere else, and doing something different.  Not really a lot of acting going on, but it is a lot more than a bedroom scene.  They had a lot of fun, and I think they are both keen on pushing their limits even more.

Booker can't decide if he is Bi or just a voracious exhibitionist.  We both agree it is likely he loves showing-off as he really focuses on the straight porn to get-off, and doesn't ever jerk-off thinking of guys.

Glenn isn't much of a show-off. He tended to smile incredulously through his first couple  videos, but now he seems to really get in the moment.  I also think he responds better with guys with muscular builds, so I am not sure what it all means, but he definitely is enjoying the shoots a lot more.

Did some fancy editing on this to make the video more interesting as you get to see both players in action at the same time.

Both guys have really honed their oral skills, and truly enjoyed sucking cock through the hole. As I said, it seemed and felt natural for them to do this video in a public space, so I don't know what that says about their extra curricular activities or fantasies.

Booker eventually rides Glenn's cock while he is on the toilet. It is a tough position to work, but he does an admirable job. They finally move to the floor and we get some great penetration shots.

Booker likes to cum on this back while being fucked, and Glenn fucks the cum out of him.

Glenn busts his load, the first shot flying way over the mark,  right into Booker's eye! Why does that always happen! LOL!  Poor guy had red, achy eye for about 4 hours. It was a massive load!

Glenn recovers quickly and keeps pushing Booker down, so he can juice his ass.

This is a very fun video, with two guys who really enjoyed working the G:hOle!!


06. CM1079 Allen & Glenn RAW
Release date: October 26, 2012. Running Time: 27 Mins

Video Number: 1079

Glenn sure has a come a long way from his first sex shoot where he could only touch the other guy's cock.

Allen, as always, throws all his sexual energy into these shoots, but it is nice to see Glenn stepping up too. He now sucks cock and looks like he is not only trying to please the other guy, but is turned on himself. His dick sure seemed to like it!

I also think Glenn kinda watched what Allen was doing when he was getting blown. He took what he saw, and bounced it right back on Allen.

But the best part of this video is Allen spinning around while Glenn sits on the edge of the bed, slowly guiding Glenn's fat cock into his eager ass.  Allen then basically milks Glenn's cock with his hole, gyrating and bouncing up and down on it like a pro.

Eventually Allen's legs gave out, so he switched to riding cowboy-style on Glenn's dick. These two were in sync and if I didn't know better, I think Glenn was likely going to cum from all the bouncing Allen was doing on his cock.

I had a different ending planned for this shoot. In previous shoots, Glenn had suggested that he could cum from being fucked. That it was now actually feeling good. And again, his cock sure seemed to like the anal penetration. Allen is a pro at bottoming, but his skills at topping are equal. I figured he could nail Glenn in all the right spots.

Sure enough Allen fucks him till the whitest creamiest load flies out of Glenn's knob.  Allen just about loses his wood, but he squeezes it tight, fucking his prostate to maximize his pleasure.

It takes Allen a bit to ramp up to nut, but he nails Glenn's hole with a couple squirts, then breeds him internally.  Glenn was amazed at how warm and good it felt!

An awesome pairing with two guy who really had some great chemistry with each other!

07. CM1115 Glenn & Troy RAW
Release date: December 19, 2012. Running Time: 24 Mins (Approx)

Video Number: 1115

Troy did a fine job during his last video of topping, but he made sure I knew he truly was looking forward to getting fucked. He is playing on the gay team now, fully embracing his bottom-boy status.  Not only that, he was super excited to work with Glenn. Definitely his type of guy.

So Troy was feeling like it was his Lucky Day, and when he walked in and saw Glenn he was even more excited. Glenn had been beefing up, so he had put on a lot of mass, and then spent a month getting cut up.  Troy is a total gym guy, and loves the field of body building. One look at Glenn and his mouth was open along with being ready to get his ass plowed by him.

Glenn also seems to have let go of all his limits. Even though Troy likely didn't need much motivation to sit on his cock, I knew if I could get Glenn to eat his ass, he would be even more hungry  for him to fuck him.

And I was astonished at the energy he put into licking his ass! He face-planted himself in there, and there was no tentative tongue action.  Dare I say he got piggy while doing it! I was down below filming it, and I realized he was eating ass just like he would a pussy, full-force licking!

It certainly didn't make his cock go down. Glenn gets Troy's hole sopping wet, stands up, and slides his cock easily into Troy's hungry ass.  Troy's cock always gets bone hard when there is cock inside of him. Love a bottom who is totally into being fucked.

The two go at with true sexual tension. Glenn really got into Troy enjoying his cock inside him, and Troy was loving every minute of it Glenn's fat cock.

Troy gets the cum fucked out of him, while Glenn does his trademark shoot once on the outside and cock twitch unload the rest on the inside, complete with some cummy ass play at the end!

08. CM1139 Glenn & Maxwell RAW
Release date: January 11, 2013. Running Time: 26 Mins

Video Number: 1139

Maxwell said he was down to top a guy, and I thought Glenn's personality and energy would be perfect with him. Glenn had been doing all the topping lately, and frankly I think he looks great with his ankles in the air. He also stays hard while getting fucked, despite him not really understanding why guys are into it. Hello! It makes you cum harder!

But first I wanted to make sure Maxwell didn't squeak by without sucking some dick for the first time. I know, first times are dubious at best, but I go with what they tell me. Maxwell seems like he wants to make a good impression, and though he likely won't be rimming anytime soon, he really puts his best effort into it.

Maxwell and Glenn even go at 69ing hungrily, which kinda surprised me.

Glenn wanted to start-off by sitting on Maxwell cock, but he is a tough guy and he was riding him like pro in not time. I think Maxwell was surprised at how easy he took it, imagining I suppose a lot of false starts, stops, and grimaces of pain.  I like it when that happens, because it always make the top wonder what they might be missing.

We ended up taking it easy on Maxwell and gave him some easy positions to work.  He even more surprised that Glenn was staying hard while he rammed his hole.  What's more, he slowed down his pace just enough to hit Glenn's sweet spot and make him nut a nice thick load.

Maxwell didn't quite have the "squirt once on the hole and shove it in" quite down. He does start to unload, then basically dumps the rest inside of Glenn.  That is usually what Glenn is doing to other guys, so it is hot to see, but perhaps a little more spunk needs to hit the outside to lube up his hole.

Got a little bit of kissing out them as I panned over Glenn's cummy hole!

09. CM1166 Glenn & Trevor Laster 'Edge'
Release date: March 22, 2013. Running Time: 35 Mins And 42 Seconds

Video Number: 1166

Glenn finally requested some time in the Edge chair, and after all this time, I figured he was well-beyond being a nervous -first-timer and we could push the scene.   The last couple Edge videos I have filmed, the guys have been too uptight about doing any of the fantasy elements.

So with Glenn eager to do the video, I figured if I put him with Trevor, I could get a very 'interactive' Edge video for a change.  I knew Glenn was totally Trevor's type of guy, so if things got a little out of hand, he would be down for anything.

We played a bit with reversing the roles. Kind of a "who is servicing who" type of video.  Some great fucking, and I think this was the first time Glenn struggled to accommodate a dude's cock. Trevor is quite hung!

This is a long one at about 35 minutes, so be patient for the download. It is worth it!

Won't spoil the video with a lot of text. The images this time out will give you a pretty good idea of what went down...and in...and out...and in...

10. CM1187 Aries & Glenn RAW
Release date: May 10, 2013. Running Time: 28 Mins

Video Number: 1187

I am always hesitant to say a particular sex act is a model's "first time". I shoot videos several months before a video actually airs, and who knows what a model may have been up to in the interim.

Aries had actually tried bottoming once before with a dude that he had messed around with. He said it hurt a lot and it didn't help that the guy had a huge cock. He pretty much swore off bottoming at that time.

I think after seeing guys not only stay hard from being fucked, but also cumming, he was willing to give it a try.  I may be jumping ahead of the summary, but sure enough, he had an epiphany that he could stay and actually enjoy being fucked. I loved panning the camera up and seeing that his dick was hard while Glenn ground his cock into his semi-virgin hole.

But I get ahead of myself.   Aries was dubious about getting fucked after getting more than a mouthful of Glenn's rather thick cock.  After they blew each other, he volunteered to get fucked first to "get it over with."  Glenn had licked his hole, trying to get him in the mindset. I think it worked.

Aries is a tough guy so Glenn got it inside him on the first pass. There are a few fun 'ouchy' faces though.  He may not soon be unloading while getting fucked, but he no longer fears it, and my guess is, after a couple more attempts, he might actually be looking forward to it.

Glenn fucks him good, but then climbs on top and gets his own ass rammed by Aries's cock.  Glenn has become completely versatile, preferring to top, but you would never know given how hard his cock stayed while bouncing up and down on Aries's dick.

Glenn shows what a superstar he is by allowing Aries to fuck him until he nuts.  Aries goes slow and steady in order to pull the load out of Glenn.  Aries breeds Glenn's boyhole, dumping his load deep inside!

There is a cute outtake at the end for fans of Behind The Scenes moments!

11. CM1219 Cruz & Glenn 'Pure'
Release date: June 7, 2013. Running Time: 35 Mins And 35 Seconds

Video Number: 1219

Pure magic putting these two together. The chemistry is palpable!

You probably should join to see this movie.

12. CM1234 Glenn & Spiro Bossy
Release date: July 19, 2013. Running Time: 22 Mins

Video Number: 1234

I really wanted to get Spiro in and see if he could be a Bossy mature guy.

Putting him with Glenn seemed natural, what with his boyish good looks. I did worry that Spiro wouldn't take the lead, but he seemed to do just find having a hot boy suck and sit on his cock.

Spiro also was very reluctant to suck dick, but once in the zone, he sucked like a pro. It always amazes me that some of the most hesitant guys really can suck like a pro.

Gonna see how far Spiro will push it, but for now gonna capitalize on his Daddy good looks and put him with some young whipper-snappers!

13. CM1253 Glenn & Solomon Aspen RAW
Release date: August 9, 2013. Running Time: 31 Mins

Video Number: 1253

Glenn did such an amazing job with Vander when they worked the massage table together.  I wanted to see what he was like "giving" the massage.  Solomon did a massage video with Chaz, and the energy during that video was palpable! (though very aggressive!)

It kinda surprised me that I had not paired these two before. Their energy is vastly different. Solomon, with his Bad Boy attitude, and Glenn, with his wholesome but naughty vibe, turned out to be an amazing mix!

We tossed in some slight bondage, as Solomon loves to be tied up and to give up all his control.  The dude clearly likes to be used and abused. So this video has the softer sensual side of a massage, with a touch of control loss and domination.

Glenn starts off with a massage, focusing on Solomon;s ass.  His cock is busting at the seams of his white gym pants.  He rubs his hard cock on Solomon's arm, who eventually grabs it, then takes it out and starts sucking on it.

Glenn begins to focus on Solomon's ass, taking a small toy to break him in, then graduating to a larger dildo. Solomon is in pig bottom heaven!

My favorite part is watching Glenn slowly insert his cock for the first time. He keeps checking Solomon's face to make sure he is doing good, but Solomon is loving having his ass filled all the way up! Almost like he is relieved to have a cock in him again!

This video has a ton of good chemistry. Solomon is digging the bondage, and I am pretty sure Glenn loved having a willing bottom he could pound!

14. CM1294 Glenn & Kellan Chestnut RAW
Release date: October 18, 2013. Running Time: 19 Mins And 53 Seconds

Video Number: 1294

Like Braxton, I was really surprised when Kellan was driving back to the airport for his return trip home but all ready to sign up for more work. He too kind of had a meltdown during his Serviced video. He didn't break into a sweat like Braxton, but he clearly was having a tough time wrapping his brain around having a dude play with him.

Glenn has been in the same shoes, so is always really good at drawing the guys out of their shell.  His oral skills are much better these days, and I left Glenn getting Kellan hard from the blow job in "real time".  He woke his cock up and had him hard in a decent amount of time.

Kellan was unlikely to suck back, but like Braxton, I made sure he at least gave his scene partner a reach around. His dick droops of course, but his head didn't explode nor his brain shut down.

This time he didn't giggle getting his ass rimmed either. Given the amount of shaving and maintenance he does to his hole, I would think he likes a lot of attention there, but perhaps he is just all about being hair-free all over. Certainly it has been a challenge to get him to not shave-off his blonde pubes.

It might take a bit of talking to get him to bottom, but with his fat cock, he is also a natural top.  It did take a  few tries to get his cock inside Glenn. A couple tries with him wilting, and then once he was hard, Glenn had to jump off of it. Likely one of the widest cocks he had up in him in a while, so he had to get in the groove.

Kellan did fine his first time out.  He has that natural ability to want to show case what he is doing, and in no time at all he was fucking the cum out of Glenn.  He even scored a great creampie that was high on the breeding meter!

Will definitely have him back for more, so hope you enjoy his first time banging a dude!

15. CM1311 Glenn & Jordan Cleary RAW
Release date: November 27, 2013. Running Time: 22 Mins (Approx)

Video Number: 1311

I sometimes dread giving you the back-story on some of these videos.  This video was supposed to be a flip-flop video with Jordan testing the waters bottoming for the first time.

Well, that was not to be. Jordan tried and tried and tried but he just couldn't sit on Glenn's cock, which would droop after 90 seconds of fidgeting to get it in. I guess I could have left it in as an OutTake, but as usual, I feel like it spoils the flow, so putting this info in the Summary, doesn't ruin the flow of the actual video.

The guys jump right to it, 69ing and rimming each other's holes. Glenn sure can lick like a pro, while Jordan beat back the bush and had at Glenn's hole with his tongue.

After 6-7 misfires with Jordan sitting on Glenn's cock, we reset and tried with Glenn sitting on Jordan's cock, and even then, Glenn took his time accommodating Jordan's thick stick.

Once in though, Glenn gives Jordan quite a ride while Jordan matches his pace and begins fucking him fast and hard.  Jordan really is an amazing top, so I am not too sad to see he isn't versatile. Or maybe next time I will find a partner with a "starter" cock.

The two spoon, and I know I just said it, but Jordan is such a great top that he can work this position like no other.  I love being able to see Glenn's hole get pounded while he strokes his hard cock.

Glenn uses Jordan's cock to make himself cum. Jordan unloads all over Glenn's hole, marking him as his Boy for the day!

16. CM1419 Byron & Glenn RAW
Release date: June 25, 2014. Running Time: 24 Mins And 44 Seconds

Video Number: 1419

Byron said he was down to try doing a full scene. His wife is fine with him making some extra money, and with her VERY pregnant right now, he is also extra horny.

Many of have been waiting for Glenn to get back into full-action while he went to cock-sucking school, so it is good to see him with his ankles in the air, and his big cock jammed into a dude's hairy hole.

We push Byron's limits right away by getting him to suck cock. He does a really good job of getting Glenn hard and standing at full-attention. Byron actually looks a bit more uncertain as he gets his own cock sucked. At first glance it may be Glenn's cock-sucking ability, but I think it has more to do with Byron liking to be passive...the one who does all the 'work'.

Byron of course wanted to start by topping, but he did confess his girl uses a good size toy on him, and it makes him hard and makes him cum super fast, and that bottoming likely wouldn't be a problem. He is little wobbly as he fucks Glenn, and again there is some uncertainty there that just doesn't make sense until you see Glenn take over the fucking.

Bryon is clearly a bottom!

Byron climbs on top of Glenn, easily slides his hard cock in, and SPROING, Byron's cock lights up! Glenn loves it when a dude is grinding around on him. He is on his best when the guy is digging it. Byron was definitely enjoying his cock going in and out!

Both guys have completely natural pubes and when you see Byron on his back getting fucked by Glenn, bush lovers will rejoice. There is just something about seeing those two hairy crotches so close together. Looks natural to me!

Byron attempts to do a hands-free cumshot. He said he had been close the entire time, and that usually his wife can make him nut easily with a toy, but he wasn't sure he could restrain himself from jerking his cock.

Got to give him props for trying. Glenn keeps pounding out the squirts while Byron tries desperately to let his prostate help push out his load. He has to jerk it to keep it going, so not sure it counts as 'hands-free' but it is close enough for me.

And for those of you missing seeing Glenn's snake writhe around while he dumps his load deep inside, you wont be disappointed as his cock looks like it is skipping rope as it dumps...well...ropes of cum inside of Byron!

His cock truly is a fire hose blasting out liquid!

17. CM1609 Ares & Glenn & Griffin Barrows TagTeam RAW
Release date: July 24, 2015. Running Time: 25 mins And 25 Seconds

Video Number: 1609

After the Griffin & Vander video, I had a few suggestions to add Glenn into that mix with a rematch. Griffin has come on strong, taking on the veterans of my site, so matching them up again would have been a problem. But putting Glenn and Griffin together still seemed like a great idea.

Glenn was looking for some extra money for Spring Break, so agreed to do a full on sex scene. Finally I could put Glenn and Griffin together. One problem though was I really wanted the two veterans to have someone new to work with.

Enter Ares who said he really liked to bottom, and was eager to be dominated. Griffin, while an amazing bottom, is equally good at topping. Actually the same could be said for Glenn.

For this video, I wanted to capitalize on Ares's need to be dominated, and the goal was for Glenn and Griffin to use Ares as their play thing.

Mission accomplished!

The video is definitely more fuck-oriented. They get right down to using Ares who seems very happy to have a cock in his mouth and ass.

Griffin breeds Ares's hole while Glenn gives him an amazing facial!

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