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Cobra Video - Campus Boyz
Campus BoyzCobravintagetwinksEric MatthewsAustin Sterling
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Running Time: 01:57:36

Summary: This is the first of the Campus Boyz series with our soon to be converted Californian str8boy, Eric. He contacted Cobra after confessing that something inside him sparked after seeing hottie boi Ethan on our website. Ethan wasn't available and we set him up with Ethan's friend, Matt. Eric (in our now most famous action scene) finds this submissive bottom boi to be a better lay than his girlfriend. You'll love seeing Eric push and order Matt around. Matt has a hard time trying to fit Eric's huge 9 inch cock into his mouth but gets his reward and soon you hear him begging for the str8boy to fuck him harder and harder. We continue to convert our str8boy over the next two episodes and it does make you wonder over that argument of nature vs. nurture. Grab a handle, it's going to be one hell of a ride!

Actors: Eric Matthews, Austin Sterling

Resolution: 512x384
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