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Boys Halfway House - Incident #229 - Fucked and Fed Nit Wit - Gunner Rose
BarebackBlowjobCum in MouthFacialFuckingPOVSlapping
Released August 12, 2019

This resident never managed to do anything right. But being as we are here to help, we try and try again. Thankfully, this guy has a really nice ass, as well as a predilection for dick sucking. He took the hint shortly after being chastised for his misdeeds, and from then on it was like taking candy.

He took well to being face fucked, and his throat was without a gag reflex, which was nice. But the really fun part came when I opened up his ass with my cock. The hole felt good, and it was great just relieving some tension with that beautiful hole. He barely needed any loosening up, and fucking him doggie was the best - seeing his butt jiggle with each thrust. This is not to say he was taking a liking to the treatment. He especially didn't like the huge load dumped in his mouth. But like a good boy, he went along with the punishment. All that jizz in his mouth was just icing on the cake,
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