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BoyFun - Tricky Dick - Richard Hicks - MP4 1080p
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Added: Aug 25th, 2019


All boys the age of Richard Hicks like to spend some quality time with themselves, enjoying their own pleasures and exploring ways to get off. It goes without saying that many of his friends would love to follow him home from the park to enjoy a little cock-to-cock pleasure, but now and then he just likes to properly focus on his own enjoyment. Watch as the boy gets to work on his growing bulge in his sexy denim shorts, possibly thinking about the bulges he's seen while out with his friends. His shorts are soon off and we see the incredible packaged threatening to burst out of his sexy white and blue underwear. His shirt comes off to display his fine athletic body, freshly pumped from his time playing footie in the sun with his pals. His incredible cock is released from it's cotton cage, an awesome length of warm and rigid dick that's quickly in his wanking hand as his fingers wrap around the impressive shaft. The cleft of his ass between his thighs as we go low, in the perfect position to suck and lick those balls, will have you contemplating what it would feel like to slide your naked dick into him. That thought will only become more prominent when the gorgeous young man lays back with his legs above him, his peachy rump perfectly positioned for you to lick out and probe. His tight little pink hole winks and twitches as a finger explores, you know he's thinking about a friend prodding him there with a stiff boner. His perfect build is only emphasized again when he kneels on the couch, his pecs twitching with the rhythmic movements of his masturbating hands, his engorged penis damp and throbbing in his grip as he brings himself closer to climax. Consider the feeling of being showered with hot young cream as he finally takes himself over the edge, semen gushing from his tasty tip, the milky goodness flooding from his body in an intense finish that'll have all the friends he left at the park wishing they'd come home with him.

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