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Santa & Andrés (2016) NTSC DVD9
CubanOpenly-GaySubversiveWriterHouse ArrestBisexualYouth ActivistMale NudityGay Sex

Santa & Andrés

In 1983 Cuba,
a dissident gay novelist,
Andrés is placed under house arrest..
for his sexual and ideological orientation.

Country: Cuba
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English (optional)
Duration: 1h 45min
IMDb: 6.9
Director: Carlos Lechuga
Writers: Carlos Lechuga, Eliseo Altunaga
Stars: Lola Amores, Eduardo Martinez, Cesar Domínguez, Luna Tinoco..

Winner: Santo Domingo OutFest 2017
Winner: Seattle LGBT Film Festival 2017
Winner: HBO Ibero American Competition 2017
Winner: Premios Fénix (Fenix Film Awards) 2017
Winner: Lleida Latin-American Film Festival 2017
Winner: Chicago Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2016
Winner: Guadalajara International Film Festival 2017
Winner: Miami LGBTQ International Film Festival 2017


Plot Keywords:
Cuban, Openly-Gay, Subversive, Writer,
Bisexual, Youth Activist, Male Nudity, Gay Sex..

Movie Info:
The controversial film that Cuba banned..

In 1983 Andrés–a non-compliant gay writer–resides in the rural mountain region of Eastern Cuba, having been blacklisted by the government for “ideological problems.” After a major event occurs, the government decides someone reliable must be appointed to watch over him and make sure he does not make any political statements. Santa, a country girl who works on a farm, is assigned to the task. For three days in a row Santa will sit in front of Andrés’ hut and keep watch over him. Santa and Andrés are as close as it gets to being true opposites, and are not meant to like each other. However, they soon find that they have more things in common.

Top Critics' Reviews (ROTTEN TOMATTOES') 86% !!

-- New York Times, Nov 9, 2017 --
Santa & Andres begins as a film about separation and pain, but becomes a movie about reconciliation and sexual healing.

-- Variety, Nov 14, 2017 --
Amores and Martinez convey a great deal via silence, their wounded physicality expressing far more than words.

-- Hollywood Reporter, Nov 6, 2017 --
Santa is particularly strong on the way that politics gets into people's heads and damages the relationships between them, even when they are far away from the political center.

-- Village Voice, Nov 7, 2017 --
With quiet precision, Lechuga charts Andres's resilience and Santa's awakening, using a naturalistic visual style and sparse dialogue that reveals how these characters instinctively read between the lines. – Serena Donadoni

-- QUEER GURU,  Feb 26, 2017 --
A heart-breaking compelling tale, deservedly acclaimed WINNER on the LGBT festival circuit. (after it's ban at Havana Film Fest)

-- Miami LGBTQ International Film Festival, Mar 3, 2017 --
Santa & Andrés is at once intimate and expansive, a chamber drama whose central action is a dialogue between two souls on either side of a profound cultural divide. Proximity inevitably prompts captive and warden to realize how much they have in common—and how completely the last six decades have affected the Cuban psyche.

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