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Bait Buddies - Brian Bonds and Dirk Willis - Natural Born Cocksucker (mp4 1920x1080)
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''Natural Born Cocksucker''
Bait: Brian Bonds
Straight: Dirk Willis

Added: 17th January 2013
Format: MP4
Size: 45m09s
Length: 644MB
Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Description: If you like your straight men hairy and muscular, then Dirk is your man. His perfect bodybuilders physique is covered with just the right amount of hair. At 30, his bubble butt, big pecs and arms along with a mouth watering 8'' cock and huge balls makes him a very sexy DILF. Our Bait boy is a returning champion convert, Arkansas country boy, Brian Bonds. Brian's muscular chest has a light covering of hair, he has great arms, legs and ass and also sports a big 8'' piece of man meat. Brian arrived at exactly one year ago and claimed to be straight with a kinky side. Since that video shoot with Bait guy Wally Sailor, Brian has expanded his sexual horizons and gone on to experiment with that kinky side. Now he's switched from top to bottom and loves nothing more than getting a great fucking. The sex between Dirk and Brian starts with a tongue enhanced make out session initiated by Brian - Dirk offers little to no resistance as he quickly becomes a participating partner - thrusting his tongue right back into Brian's hot, wet mouth. This is followed by Brian sucking Dirk's big cock. The boys then switch places and Dirk loses his hesitancy quickly as he's deep-throating and gagging on Brian's dick like he can't get enough. He truly is a natural born cocksucker. When it comes time fuck, Dirk is having some difficulty in keeping it up - he says it's his nerves. So, Caruso let's him continue to suck Brian's luscious, glistening cock. When Brian is ready to cum, without saying anything, he maneuvers Dirk into a kneeling position and this natural cock hound just opens his mouth and waits for his reward.

Original upload: 18/01/2013 -matthewmancs
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