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Alexander Pictures: Bath House Exxxtasy (2007) [DVD5]
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Armando Campos
David Machado
Heriberto Ponce
Oscar Blanco
Pedro Blanca
Martin Soto
Omar Juarez
Alfonso Rosas
Carlos Sanchez
Manuel Lozano
Gregorio Guerrero
Tommy Lima

Cover boy Tommy Lima has barely checked into this bath house before he's treated to the sight of two hot twinks (Armando Campos and David Machado) fucking in the locker room -- and, as he's watching, he teases himself to erection while still wearing his briefs, using a vibrator. That's the introduction to the steamy "Bath House Exxxtasy," from Brazil, and the sex is just as raunchy all the way through. Armando and David know they're being watched, which only makes them go for it even harder, and when the cuties use the lockers as a target for their cum-shots, it seems to push Tommy over the edge.

Not the edge of orgasm, mind you, Tommy's massive cock has other ideas. Tenting the front of his towel as he makes his way out of the lockers, that big piece of meat is like a divining rod looking for the hottest sex in the place. Tommy's heat-seeking missile finds its target in the steam room, where Heriberto Ponce and Oscar Blanco are hotter than the room itself. Heriberto's thick meat fills Oscar's mouth to bursting, and Heriberto leers salaciously at Tommy while he's having his cock sucked. Heriberto and Oscar then put on a fucking extravaganza for Tommy's voyeuristic eyes -- a riveting, intense display that ends with Heriberto's caramel-colored six-pack coated with two loads of cum. Tommy tucks his vibrator into his towel and moves on.

In the shower area, Tommy isn't even wet before he encounters a hot three-way in progress. Pedro Blanca, Omar Juarez and Martin Soto are the players, and the action gets started with a hot mutual rimjob by Martin and Omar. Omar's puffy nipples, tight foreskin and rough good looks are to die for, and Martin can't wait to get inside his tight bubble-butt. Omar's face is pressed against the tiles as he takes it from behind, and then he turns the tables and does the same to Martin. Pedro has been watching the whole time, and finally he gets some action, too, fucking Martin's ready mouth and then bending over to take Martin's cock. The wet and wild action ends, appropriately, with three huge, drenching loads.

Still very much on the prowl, Tommy moves to the massage area, where hunky Alfonso Rosas has swarthy Carlos Sanchez on his table. When Alfonso stops the rubdown and starts sucking Carlos, you know this is one of the happy-ending kinds of massages. Carlos is not the prettiest girl at the prom, but he does have a huge cock, which as we know counts for a lot. He eats out Alfonso's ass before he bends him over the table and fucks him. Alfonso rides Carlos next, and that's not the last position the two try before they stand side-by-side and anoint the table with their loads at the end.

The TV room is Tommy's next stop, where muscled dude Gregorio Guerrero is being worshipped by macho, hairy Manuel Lozano. Manuel drops Gregorio's towel and then his own, and both dudes are hung like horses. Kissing and stroking their cocks while Tommy watches, these two men are just infinitely watchable, so much so that the porn movie on the screen behind them is almost not even noticeable. Gregorio takes the top role, taking Manuel's ass from behind, and then watching as Manuel impales himself on his rod. The two men drench the coffee table with their cream at the end of the scene.

Tommy seems to have finally reached his breaking point, and he repairs to the sauna, alone (unless you count his best pal the vibrator, which by now should have a speaking role if you ask me). Even though it's a solo, Tommy brings as much to the table as anyone else in the cast when it comes to making us care, and when he finally slides that vibrator deep into his hole while stroking his enormous dick to a splattering finish, it makes sense that he's carried it around for so long.
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