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William Higgins - Adam Jeran - EROTIC SOLO
SoloMasturbationFingeringSmoothJerking OffEuropean
Released 20/6/2019

Adam Jeran is aged 24 and lives in Prague. He is an office manager who enjoys sports, jogging and cycling. This good looking gay guy sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. Then he lays on the bed and begins to feel all over his clothed body. He reaches into his jeans to grope himself. Adam removes his tee shirts to show off his sexy chest. Then he reaches into the jeans again. This time he opens the jeans to get better access. That exposes his stiffening cock as he rubs it. Sliding the jeans down he wanks his hard, fat, cock. Turning onto one side Adam reaches to rub his ass and spread the cheeks as his cock is trapped between his thighs. He rubs his sexy ass and his cock and balls. Pulling on his ass cheeks shows off his tight hole as he keeps rubbing all over. Then Adam lays back on the bed and wanks his cock again. He keeps wanking his big, hard, cock until it gives up the hot cum, shooting it onto his belly.
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